Using Trends from Holiday Shopping 2013 to Improve Your Business


With the entire internet at our fingertips, customers are smarter and more savvy than ever before. Baynote surveyed 1,000 shoppers to learn what helped and hurt their shopping experiences during the 2013 holiday season, compiling their findings in the infographic below.

From 2012 to 2013, online ratings and reviews, email, and Google search all experienced double-digit growth over the holiday season. Before stepping foot in a store, 70% of customers used their smartphones to seek out where to shop. 64% compared prices before the visit and 63% browsed websites for ideas of what to buy and get coupons or offers to bring along. Aside from the pre-shopping smartphone rituals, 62% of customers will compare prices on their phone while in a store and 52% will look up product ratings. The smartphone is the perfect bridge for online and in-store experiences. The companies who invest in their mobile platforms to optimize customer experience tend to have the highest rates of customer satisfaction.

What can we learn from this data? Understanding trends from the past year can help inform the way you interact with, and market to, consumers. When marketing products, it’s vital to keep digital in mind, especially mobile. More and more shoppers are doing their research and seeking out ways to get deals, and this trend will only continue to grow with the accessibility mobile devices have been able to offer. So, monitor and optimize your reviews, include visuals, utilize email and optimize that app to make sure you’re geared up for a successful 2014.

Using Trends from Holiday Shopping 2013 to Improve Your Business image baynote

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