Using SlideShare to Boost Your PR Efforts


Using SlideShare to Boost Your PR Efforts

SlideShare is a platform for sharing business documents, videos and presentations, but it typically is not considered as a traditional social media platform. The company was acquired by LinkedIn in May 2014 and the tight integration between the two means that for PR, SlideShare is worth consideration.

SlideShare is a social discovery platform where users can find content and connect with members. According to the company’s website, in Q4 2013 the site averaged 60 million unique visitors in a month and 215 million page views. SlideShare is among the top 120 most-visited websites on the world. Best of all, it covers a wide range of technology to business to travel which makes it an ideal fit for PR teams looking to expand beyond the usual social media and list of reporters.

How SlideShare Works

The idea behind SlideShare is simple, you share your slides on the platform for others to discover and share. Every organization is consistently creating presentations or has information that can easily adapted into a presentation for use on SlideShare. There are many tools that can help you create a stand out presentation for SlideShare, and their blog provides some solid recommendations in 8 Handy Tools for Creating Standout SlideShare Decks.

If you are going to use SlideShare, you want to make sure you are best representing your company, so the way your information is presented and your slides are designed are important. Tired, boring slide decks simply cannot compete on SlideShare.

As much as possible you want to create the slides with an eye on ensuring they are clickable, and people want to continue through your presentation. SlideShare recommends presentations with large visuals and minimal text, and avoiding the use of PowerPoint templates. To get further ideas for how to present your information for maximum impact on SlideShare browse the Most Popular and Editor’s Picks sections.

Once you’ve figured out what you can share on SlideShare and have one or two great presentations, you want to make sure you take the time to fill out your company’s profile completely with background information and link to your other social media channels. You can use your LinkedIn profile to automatically import details to your SlideShare profile as well.

For PR, SlideShare offers a number of possibilities, including:

#1. Sharing Corporate Information on a Neutral Platform

Information that’s presented on SlideShare appears much more neutral than if you posted the same presentation being added to your company’s press room. For reporters or bloggers looking for information, SlideShare presentations are easily found via Google. Plus, with SlideShare’s embed functionality they are something they can share as supplementary information as part of their story or blog post. Consider sharing presentations on everything from your services to your financial performance, to background information. Technology provider HubSpot is a great example of the amount and depth of content you can share.

#2. Presenting In-Depth Background Information

As PR teams focus more on using social media to share information, longer form content can be more challenging to share. SlideShare offers a place to share information that you simply cannot share on other social media platforms easily without redirecting people to your website. A slide deck enables you create a visual, dynamic resource on various issues and trends that showcases your team or executive’s expertise to establish thought leadership.

#3 Integrating with LinkedIn

SlideShare is integrated with LinkedIn, meaning there’re several ways to share the content beyond SlideShare on a social network with even greater traffic. SlideShares can be published to individual LinkedIn profiles in a matter of a few clicks. For your executives, or other public facing individuals within the company, you can have them add SlideShares to their profiles. You can also share other individual’s SlideShares easily with your network via an update on LinkedIn.

#4 Maximizing Content from Speaking Engagements

Odds are your executives are presenting at various industry events throughout the year. Typically, those presentations are delivered a few times and then never seen again. With SlideShare, you can expand the reach of the presentation while doing very little extra work. If only 100 people were in the room at the conference, wouldn’t it be great to have the same presentation shared with 1000 or more people. That is what’s possible with SlideShare. Plus the further reach of the information helps boost the credibility of your executives and the organization as a whole.

Are you already using SlideShare? Or ready to give it a try? Share how your SlideShare efforts can help boost your reach and hopefully your PR and media relations efforts in the process.

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