Using Fashion To Suit Your Body


Every woman is unique and different from others in terms of her appearance, body shape and personality. Today’s empowered woman uses fashion as a means of self expression and creating her unique identity different from the crowd. Fashion has grown beyond trends as more and more women use fashion with a personal touch to suit them.

The first step in using fashion to accentuate beauty is to understand your body – its shape and size. While each body is different, yet we can categorize women body shapes into 5 major shapes:

The pear shape body has a well defined waist with hips wider than bust. Women with this type of figure should wear dresses that show off their shoulders and put less focus on their hips and things.They should try wearing A-line skirts, light-colored tops, dark-colored bottoms, boat and square necklines and strapless dresses.

Wedge/ Inverted Triangle
Broad chest and wide shoulders are typical of the wedge shaped body. Bust is large in proportion to a narrow waist and hips.Women with this type of body shape should wear dresses that draw attention to their waistline like bright colored bottoms, full skirts and wide-leg pants.

Rectangle body shape is characterized by a bust, waist and hips with similar widths.The best dresses for a rectangular body include scoop neck, sweetheart tops, long jackets, tops with collars, ruffles and details, layered dresses and colorful bottoms.

The apple body shape is broader than all other body types. Back, ribs and shoulders  are broader in comparison to rest of the body.Dresses which complement the apple body include v-neck tops, belts, empire tops and dresses, boot cut and flared jeans.

The most desirable of all body types, this body shape has bust and hips of similar width while the waist is well defined. Hourglass body types should wear fitted dresses, high-waist skirts, skinny or straight leg jeans and belt.

So ladies, with a better understanding of your body, go shop for the perfect dresses to complement your beauty and meet the world looking gorgeous.


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