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Unusual Uses For Facebook Fitness App Endomondo


Workout and fitness application Endomondo can be used for more than just tracking runs, as its creators are finding out through posts on its Facebook page.

According to Endomondo, the app has been used by police offers to record their patrol routes, and by search and rescue teams to track their progress in searches, as well as to map a wildfire burn perimeter.

Users also turn the app on so that their families can track their travels and respond to anything unusual, and parents use it to keep tabs on their children.

Other uses for Endomondo mentioned by Facebook users include:

  • Remembering where they parked their cars.
  • Remembering how to get back to their hotels.
  • Tracking the daily activities of their pets.
  • Mapping useful shortcuts.
  • Measuring the speed of the vehicles they are traveling in, such as planes and trains.
  • A guide for pub crawls.
  • A harvesting map for wild mushrooms.
  • To escape from a corn maze.
  • Training dogsled teams.

Readers: Can you think of any more unusual uses for Endomondo?

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