University Of Reddit Teaches You All The Things


Reddit, the unofficial front page of the Internet, is one of the most diverse and popular websites in existence. It has a rather niche following, yet the types of users are incredibly spread out throughout the world. Some users seek Reddit for news, while others explore funny videos, memes, and GIFs. One thing Reddit does successfully, and quietly, is teach, and 100% of the instructing and learning is done through users.

As opposed to following individual “sub-Reddits” with different categories, from the very broad such as “r/videos” to the awfully specific like “r/taylorswiftarmpit“, Reddit is a feeding ground and information solar system for just about anything. Now, there is a site called University of Reddit that aims to focus on the teaching, learning, and sharing of knowledge and experience among its users. UReddit is an organized, forum-based space that categorizes learning materials.

Current categories include: Art, Computer Science, Fun and Games, General Studies, Language, Mathematics and Statistics, Music, Philosophy, Science, Social Sciences, and Technology. Within each category are many, many sub-categories, that focus on particular areas of the genre. One feature that UReddit is missing, however, is the ability to search for topics. So, if I wanted to search for “Podcasts” in UReddit, I would have to use my best judgement and select a pre-existing category. It will be fascinating to see UReddit grow, and add more categories to its roster, but for now, it is a tidy, accessible hub for user-generated knowledge and sharing.

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