Twitter Will Target Promoted Tweets to Users Who Saw Related Ads on TV


twitter, second screen advertising, social media, social networks, Twitter today launched a new advertising product that will target promoted tweets to users who watched TV programs during which related television commercials were aired.

The ad product continues to show Twitter working hard to dominate the second screen marketing experience. Last year, 32 million people in the U.S. tweeted about TV programming.

“Synchronized Twitter and TV ad campaigns make brand messages more engaging, interactive and measurable,” Twitter said.

The product builds on the technology the company acquired with Bluefin Labs. Twitter can now more intelligently monitor shared content for references to ongoing television programming, even when users don’t explicitly reference the title of the program. It uses this data to display promoted tweets to users who have likely just seen commercials for the same products on TV.

If a user has tweeted about a television show during which a Trident commercial has aired, for example, Twitter will serve that user Trident’s promoted tweet. (And, as of yesterday, Trident can invite the user to share his or her email address within the Twitter stream as well.)

TV ad targeting is currently available only to a select group of companies in the United States.

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