Twitter Is Planning Big Changes, So Here’s What You Should Know


Twitter hosted its first analyst call, and there were many updates and future plans discussed. These don’t have official release dates, but expect to see them in early 2015. Despite its famous 140 character limit, Twitter is one of the most powerful social networks and marketing tools most of us use every day. Twitter and GIGAOM detail what you need to know as Twitter plans its major changes in the not-too-distant future.


Taking a page from the popular, anonymous app, YikYak, Twitter is planning the ability to search for and discover Tweets by location, as specific as restaurants, parks, theatres, and other hyper-local spots around your city. While Tweets by location are not anonymous, this makes it easy to find people’s Tweets at popular events, trending locations, and other geo-organized attractions. It’s plausible that individuals and broadcasters will utilize this for breaking news, as it provides users with direct access to Tweets in and around a particular event or location.


After you log off Twitter, you’re certainly missing out on some Tweets. This new feature, which will use algorithms similar to Facebook, will show you popular, relevant, and potentially interesting content that was on twitter while you were away. This new section, if users like it, will eventually be presented chronologically to sort through easily. This a move by Twitter to re-surface trending Tweets and stories, and likely another way for advertisers to place their Tweets right in front of you.


Users can choose topics they are interested in, and Twitter will select a group of accounts to follow within that category. Especially useful for new Twitter users, this is part of the plan to make it easier for new users to join, and instantly enjoy the experience. New users won’t be overwhelmed with deciding who to follow, and Twitter recognizes the difficulty in choosing these accounts from the millions and millions around the globe.


Twitter has never really put much emphasis on Direct Messaging, but they’ve announced plans to reboot this feature. One change we should see soon is the ability to send a Tweet within a DM. For example, If I see a funny Tweet, I can easily share it with a friend via DM, and still have characters to comment on the Tweet. Twitter has yet to release full details on the Direct Message revamp.


You’ll soon be able to shoot, edit, and post videos all within the Twitter app. As of now, six-second Vines are the best way to share videos on Twitter. In the near future, creating Tweets with video content will become much easier, and it could have huge impacts. Breaking news stories, live events, and other can’t miss moments will be broadcasted at a much higher volume now that more people have a camera and recording studio all within the Twitter app.


Similar to its World Cup strategy, Twitter will introduce more “curated timelines” that collect and organize relevant content and users around the same topic or event. A Twitter spokesman said, “Our goal is to take our learnings from the World Cup and scale it, not just to tentpole events like the Oscars, but to the next tens of thousands of events that happen through the year.”

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