Twitter Helps Airtame Reach The Sky


The phenomenal recent success of Danish startup Airtame’s crowd-funding campaign, has surely finally convinced Danish entrepreneurs that Twitter does have a worth and that quite simply is a much more valuable social tool than Facebook when it comes to self and brand promotion.

Coming from London, I was (and still am) shocked at how few Danish startups and entrepreneurs are A) using Twitter B) Finding value in it.

I understand that with such a high use of Facebook, that the general population may not be able to immediately see the value of “another social network”, but there is no excuse for the inhabitants of the digital and innovative world that we inhabit not to be active on Twitter.

In London, the whole ecosystem is permanently online and engaged, and Twitter serves as a way to stay connected across the Cities multitude of co-working spaces and events.

I myself have had the chance to meet and talk with people that were previously inaccessible to me, as well as going on to make friends and connections that have improved my network no end. There have also been plenty of opportunities that have crossed my path, that have changed the direction of my whole life this year.

However, I am hopeful of a change in mentality towards Twitter in Denmark, amongst entrepreneurs at least after the success of Airtame.

Of course, there were a lot of other factors in their success, not least the fact that it is an awesome product! However, there is no denying the role that social media and specifically Twitter played in it.

The snowball effect from getting a good start is the most crucial part of a crowd-funding campaign and this is exactly what they got following being featured on Hacker News and subsequently being tweeted about hundreds and hundreds of times. This momentum then lead to them being featured on the front page of Indiegogo, and then featured on other respected sites in the industry, and eventually led them to smashing their target well in advance of their targeted date.

The role of Twitter in this snowball effect should not be underestimated as it served as the glue that stuck the social media snowball together and should serve as a stark reminder that if you want to be a serious player in the startup and entrepreneurial world then you need to be maximising the branding and amplification opportunities that Twitter provides you.

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