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Storify Business users can now turn stories into useful PDF files instantly

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Fri, Jun 14 2013 10:45:16

Storify PDFs are all up in your Business

One of our biggest feature requests from Storify business users has been a way to convert stories into PDF documents.
Distributing stories to others offline? Printing a transcript of tweets? Documenting event or conference coverage? Emailing a story to share a social media campaign? These are just a few options offices and organizations have been clamoring for.
Well, get excited, Business users. This option is exactly what we’ve just added to Storify.
That’s the spirit!

Here’s how it works

In the “Distribute” area at the top of your Storify stories, you’ll now see a handy “Export as PDF” button: 
PDF Export ·
Simply click that, and you’re done! Any Storify story of yours (like this one) will instantly become a viewable, sharable .pdf link for internet browsers (like this one).
From there, share the .pdf link with others, or use the controls you see in the browser to zoom, print and save to your computer:
PDF Print ·
More fun info about how our PDFs are engineered:
• When viewing the .pdf on a web browser, all links and attribution info on the page are clickable 
• The PDF will display a frame from video content in stories for better presentation
• The author and original story links are included at the top and bottom
Speaking of how these were engineered, we’d like to give a shoutout to our Storify Engineering intern, Devon, who took the lead on this project with us. 
Storify stories can have all kinds of content embedded in them, but he made converting things to incredibly useful PDFs look easy. Not bad for his first rodeo.
Be sure to send all of your complaints praise about the new PDF feature his way!
And of course, enjoy.

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