Tumblr Introduces Sponsored Posts in Desktop Content Streams


tumblr, blogging, yahoo, sponsored posts, radar, advertising, social media, social networks, facebook, twitterTumblr will roll out sponsored posts in user’s main content feeds, the company said today.

“These posts will simply blend in with the posts from the blogs you follow,” the company said.

Tumblr first limited paid content to a window, called Radar, at the right hand side of the feed of blog posts on the user’s landing page, or Dashboard. Last month, it introduced sponsored posts in the content feed itself in mobile apps.

Tumblr said the rollout had not been affected by its recent acquisition by Yahoo. In a separate announcement, the company said it was adding 2,560 “newer faster [server] cores” to its New York data center, giving it an additional three petabytes of storage and 40 terabytes of memory “for things like image processing and animating all those GIFs.” Most of Tumblr’s advertising content consists of animated GIFs.

Sponsored content on Tumblr has generated 10 million likes and reblogs, the company said in its announcement.

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