Tumblr for Marketing: Tapping into 420 Million Users


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When Yahoo took over Tumblr, some thought the microblogging site was dead in the water, but they were totally wrong. Rather, the site grew and grew – both in terms of visitors and in the number of blogs. The reason for this? As Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, has said, Tumblr may be a blogging site at its heart, but it’s also a wonderful creative outlet perfect for companies and marketers that are looking for a creative way to market to millennials, the biggest users and audience on Tumblr.

Tumblr Compared to Other Blog Platforms

Tumblr is a blog built around images and memes – rather than prioritizing text like other blogging platforms, such as Blogger and WordPress. It’s also designed as an easy way for people to share content and find new content through the Tumblr dashboard. In fact, according to Tumblr’s business page, “94% of the posts people make are reblogs of content they find here.”

Since it largely focuses on reblogged content and images/memes, it can work as its own marketing platform, or it can be tied to a more traditional text-based company blog. Take a look at Target’s Tumblr page as an example.

They’re constantly telling a brand-relevant story about their clothes – and a number of their images are currently tied to the Christmas holiday shopping season. Even more remarkably, many of their posts are reblogged images with short captions from a number of fashion bloggers across the web. As such, they don’t need to invest a lot of capital in creating new content to populate their feed – it’s literally being created for them, by people who love the brand.

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The median household income of Tumblr users is $ 80,075, and that’s great news for B2C brands like Target who are already rolling out their Black Friday and Christmas campaigns. Keep reading for more ways brands are seeing success on this platform:

Focus on One or Two Hashtags

Like other social media sites, Tumblr is all about communities. People find those communities through hashtags, and Hyundai capitalized on the popularity of the World Cup this year with a #becausefutbol campaign. Their whole Tumblr was devoted to the hugely popular soccer competition, and it paid off. While Hyundai’s “sponsorship” isn’t front and center, it got fans involved – and talking – by showing fans where to watch the games as well as giving them an opportunity to share their passion and make their own memes for their Tumblr page. The #becausefutbol hashtag allow them to create a very specific, targeted community.

Create a Character Story

Want to be even more unique? Follow the lead of Cheerios, which created a fun Tumblr page for their character, Buzz the Bee. While the page also offers more traditional things, like coupons, recipes and products, its Buzz the Bee who is sharing the info about Cheerios through fun images and memes, and in turn, he’s the one spreading the honey love. As Suzanne Gillies tweeted, “#MustBeTheHoney is the best Cheerios strategy ever.” And yes, the hashtag is an important part of this campaign too!

Showcase Great Images

Creativity is encouraged on Tumblr, but it’s also important to focus and feature beautiful imagery, even if it is simple. Just take a look at Samsung. They’re using Tumblr to market their new Galaxy camera, and to do just that, they are featuring beautiful images taken by said camera. Simple – but powerful – enough.

Since Tumblr isn’t your typical blogging platform, it can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re still not sure where to start with Tumblr, check out Tumblr’s own case studies to see what else brands are doing with this powerful network.

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