Tumblr Can Make Theses Fun


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When you think about school at the end of the semester, what are some of the ideas that come about time and time again? I have to believe that “finals” and the sort are the ones which are the most common. Stress is going to be constant and tension is going to be high, so why not kick back and try to find humor in the assignments that seem to bring students so much grief? This is where Tumblr has come into play and the results have cracked more than a couple of smiles.

Harvard College senior Angela Frankel took it upon herself to start a Tumblr blog entitled “LOL My Thesis” last month and she described it as, “…a means of procrastination from my own thesis.” Basically, it’s a blog that calls for people to give one-sentence summaries of their own theses. When you think about these kinds of papers, typically images of long, drawn-out narratives form in your mind. However, these summaries ranged from humorous to surprisingly insightful.

From Marine Biology at St. Andrews, one summary was, “Jellyfish don’t like it when you acidify their tank.” It’s absurd in its own right but strangely captivating enough to where you might actually want to click on the thesis in order to read what exactly happens in this case. From Philosophy at Reed College, another thesis had the summary of, “Numbers either exist, or they don’t. Depends on how you look at it.” It’s such a vague sentence and yet it’s interesting enough to where you may have the desire to see what it means in context.

In the end, though, “LOL My Thesis” wasn’t exactly made for those on the outside to look in and have a good laugh. It certainly succeeded on that front but the object was to give students an outlet. It wasn’t created to necessarily make fun of the assignments given but to ease the tension that comes with writing multipage-long papers. Frankel created something unique and the Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology major deserves recognition for that.

A Long Island social media agency can tell you that certain vehicles are more useful for brand awareness than others. While Tumblr is more hobby-esque by comparison to Facebook, for example, it can still attain popularity if an idea is creative enough. From what I have seen, “LOL My Thesis” brims with creativity and the fact that it racked over 50 pages of sentences three weeks after its launch speaks volumes.

In short, when others are in the same spot as you, it doesn’t pay to be distressed all the time.

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