Trouble Deleting Pictures From Your Phone? This App Is Tinder For Your Photos


Swiping right or left is one of the most popular trends of mobile apps nowadays. Most known for dating apps such as Tinder, but also prevalent in other uses such as business networking, pet adoption, news stories, and yes, even shoe shopping.

A new app using Tinder’s “swipe right for yes, and swipe left for no” is Flic, which helps you organize and clear up space for your phone’s camera roll. Using Flic allows you to quickly and easily sort through your photos. Side-by-side comparisons make your decision process flow nicely without (hopefully) regretting any of your deleting rampages.

This all sounds pretty good, right? Well, the app is not free. It actually costs $ 0.99 to play “Hot or Not” with your precious photos. Some individuals will refuse to purchase an app, most likely because a free version of the same idea will eventually surface. For others, $ 0.99 is way less than the coffee you had this morning, and to easily help you clear up space on your phone, it might be well worth it.


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