Top Ten Reasons Your Facebook Ads Are Being Rejected


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If you’re a marketer who has advertised your goods or services on Facebook, chances are you’ve had at least one rejected – which seems to be very common!  There are lots of reasons the social media giant rejects ads which are fairly obvious, but sometimes your ad gets rejected, and you have no idea why.  Don’t despair!

First off, ALWAYS adhere to Facebook’s advertising rules and make every effort to keep your account in good standing.  Other than that, here are some of the reasons your ad may be getting rejected.  Keep this list handy, so the next time you create Facebook ads you’ll have it to refer to – and lower the odds your ad will be rejected.

  1. Target the audience you want to reach; after all, you’re spending money, so zero in on those you want your ad to reach.  Inappropriate targeting will get your ad rejected.
  2. Improper grammar – it’s not what you think!  Capitalizing every word in your ad will result in rejection, because it may give you an unfair advantage over competitors.
  3. Unacceptable language.  Profanity, content that’s sexual or degrading in nature, derogatory – just don’t do it.
  4. Your ads should be professional, which means using complete sentences.  Pay attention to spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.  Not only will it help get your ads approved, your target audience will see you in a more professional light.
  5. Destination Urls – Ever cloak your links, or direct ads to Word documents, PowerPoint, or downloads such as PDF files?  This is the best way to go from “account in good standing” to “account terminated” in 8 seconds or less.  The guidelines for URL destinations are explicit, so send all users to the same landing page, and make sure these destinations are not pop-ups or fake close behavior.  Also, the text must reveal to the user that you are linking to iTunes, if in fact your ad does link to the site.
  6. Ad text that’s inaccurate.  Does your ad clearly state your company’s name, offer, or product?  Make sure it does, otherwise expect rejection.
  7. Words that SCREAM – you got it, entire words in all caps.  Nothing’s more of a turn off than an ad that screams to your audience, is it?  Facebook agrees – when your ad looks like spam, it won’t be effective; but you really don’t have to worry, it will probably be rejected anyway.
  8. Substituting numbers and symbols for words.  In a world where using all kinds of symbols, numbers, and abbreviations seems the “norm” (think texting and Twitter), it just doesn’t fly with Facebook.  Use real words (not “4″ for the word “for”), and complete sentences.  These types of ads make Facebook’s trigger finger twitch!
  9. Using images that are irrelevant to your ad.  Images should be clean, and relevant to your ad.  Essentially, Facebook wants to keep the environment a fun and safe place for users – so avoid irrelevant images designed solely for the purpose of shock value.
  10. And that brings us to . . . offers and discounts that are deceptive.  When your ad claims a specific offer or discount, this is what the user should find upon arriving at the landing page.  Having users land on a page that is totally different from what the ad claims is a super way to not only get your ad tossed, but completely lose your account.  Not to mention being a trickster is a good way to tarnish your online reputation.

If your ads frequently get rejected on Facebook, consider whether you may be committing some of the “Facebook sins” above.  Follow the rules and keep the above in mind, and who knows?  You may have experienced your last ad rejection.

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