Top 5 Pins: Summer Boho Chic


Style is very personal and you can make it as unique as your own fingerprint. Although you create your own personal style, noticing and integrating popular trends is something most of us do too. One of the most trending styles you will notice on Pinterest this season is bohemian fashion – airy, bright and an embodiment of all the things we love about summer. If you’re getting a little bored with your everyday summer wardrobe, change it up and get some inspiration from this week’s top 5 pins!

1. Hair FeathersTop 5 Pins: Summer Boho Chic image EAgJOnIsOJRtbFoLf3d jU4 pL4Yc 1JiVsG0EeBO WAOZX3rtbzMosb8jRR6vYmSUf1jDzLTxI s3W FeS8OHp8CJMpgl923U7emeANqcfkwDIw0FBC6W8U

Want to take advantage of an up-do to keep your hair off of your neck? Do something out of the ordinary and buy some hair feathers extensions! You can get them professionally done at a salon or you can DIY at home. They’re subtle but different enough to draw endless compliments and attention.

2. Beaded Baubles and BanglesTop 5 Pins: Summer Boho Chic image qe2jn20nbFb2fcv897mfuCPyatanmlAeVZFnB4MPwmT87KUoI4K4Pl7Rv2v 8vJ73jJuaY AJruBDLGgN1ehsB1YxrZHV79FRqNP4qL M1vhnAf1XvekCJfi

Accessories can turn a completely bland outfit into a stunning one. Boho style embraces bright colors and patterns. Decorate your arm with some beaded bracelets, bangles and other bright jewelry to compliment your next outfit!

3. Fringe BagsTop 5 Pins: Summer Boho Chic image 1HDlu8 dhwLd 9Hx7XXHELYf75w02yuIV0eSH6ZrzB UUOey8nZD d95DTgEPcE3LuP2aQhynHX4ZSXTfyMzhPxwtm24nq 5mhBIOjY5erRGHD5rPbchp2J5

Fringe bags are a must-have for any boho-style fashionista. They are flirty, playful and make a great addition to any summer outfit.

4. DIY BootsTop 5 Pins: Summer Boho Chic image I5aWHei2K5VchCPq9tdQZpBe3 tA4OrxyKJtIQnOqTqeIlB9n5qC4gBOnbRYQZYILaiUbHMEChLCjn7eseSlVUfhSojVLvnCwFR 4AtiVa ZHhTj7DHJEuwq

Find an old pair of boots or purchase a pair from your local thrift shop. Grab some of your favorite fabric prints, old belts, and have your glue gun handy. Making this beautiful boho boot will be a little time consuming but the end result is definitely worth it! It’ll look great with any outfit during any season.

5. Boho DressTop 5 Pins: Summer Boho Chic image G4V6vrZVVNflPXqFgVTl9uwbDYwBZRKTVJP9W8IweB43llOX8z3YjbSEjw3FJNfucVm0txx6rIDJJg8 CJh3Hb W7vIg4pRwK6jwWnouswklJA1K78LxwgTd

Next time you go out, ditch the shorts and dress yourself up a little! Boho dresses are light and airy so it’s a perfect style for the warm weather. Don’t forget to add the belt and arm accessories!

Tell us what your favorite fashion trends are for this summer!

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