Top 5 Pins: DIY, Valentine!


You’re walking around your local grocery store casually picking up a few items for dinner and then suddenly notice the corner aisle blatantly covered in hearts, sweets, and talking plushies. Valentine’s Day already?! Don’t feel bad if that slipped your mind. You still have plenty of time to plan that perfect Valentine’s Day with your significant other or friends. Having a nice dinner with flowers is a great classic way to spend your Valentine’s Day but why not get your hands a little dirty and add a little something special on top? Take a look at this week’s top 5 pins to craft your Valentine a custom-made token of your admiration!

1. Conversation Pinatas Top 5 Pins: DIY, Valentine! image G lykiHBdWBiReUaW9DY904tm8vTZFvq5QLcjBodYrJBkIviltf 26TpmkneUYzmWjOM5zRUely1VImIZTA4kCvQ3Dlp g2WT mRchH67kX2WC0rsHkN s6GAQ

Maybe you’ve had an unlucky streak with love this year and need something to take it out on like these conversation pinatas. If you don’t feel the need to pulverize these adorable pinatas, you can also just hang them up as decoration.

2. Bacon Bouquet Top 5 Pins: DIY, Valentine! image d4DYynFJgU 4auUqyHwqxM6fYkck6f4Wm33smuMLrp2YSAtcEN7kdqsUDF cxTisu jD T9ox91zAHNHNJCZuf3yXVdVyTt8hzyHZX1NHwdIFCc yu9bxKqqig

It’s a bacon bouquet. The end.

3. Crepe Paper Flowers Top 5 Pins: DIY, Valentine! image POak3QF0MucJ k5y8LWaElAQvLezx11Cz7JWQ6oH2CJiorw8Lqh3ntW0g64oQXeZ1KdMxMOBhA A kBAMsXgIaKN4rCQiGCtsT47unk5bVEovfxOvGROAzOvtw

Some people don’t like receiving flowers because of their ephemeral nature. They look great, but what’s the point if they’re going to die in a few days? You can remedy that by making these lovely crepe paper roses! They’ll last forever and never look a day duller since you gifted them.

4. Sharpie Cups Top 5 Pins: DIY, Valentine! image fgW2Bhtkw Oe3u73oY834RxYpGnRRH3 Uxl0lErP5ekC0QRQ YnZ55 2 Y1HTJW2uFYvWycC1NrbMLG4J RmsA AEcnd6v4wV8ZBwPjQB8Ljy2cGI3HQelKFGg

Convey a sweet message with this fun and easy-to-do DIY project. Take a white cup and use your favorite colored Sharpie or porcelain pen to write a message. Bake it in the oven and voila!

5. Cupid’s Bow and Arrows Top 5 Pins: DIY, Valentine! image

If you know a little classical mythology, you’re no stranger to the story of Cupid and his arrows. If you’ve got little ones in the house, this is a fun project for them to tackle and goof around with.

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