Top 5 Most Interactive Social Media Campaigns


Successful social media campaigns can really get your company noticed and help reinforce your brand and its values. Even the simplest ideas can generate huge amounts of attention and promote engagement from your customers. Just have a look at the following examples – all of these were exceedingly effective and leveraged the power of social media to garner unique interaction with thousands, if not millions of customers worldwide.

Lay’s – “Do Us A Flavour”

Do Us A Flavour

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, Lay’s decided to run a contest that would allow fans to submit ideas for the next new chip flavour, and they wittily named the campaign “Do Us A Flavour”. It was one of the largest marketing pushes of the year for Frito-Lay, drawing in 3.8 million flavour submissions and 1.4 million votes on Facebook and Twitter.

It proved to be so popular they have decided to run another contest this year. The original challenge offered winners the chance to win a $ 1 million prize, or 1% of the chip’s 2013 net sales, depending on which would turn out to be more.

As Anindita Mukherjee, the chief marketing officer for Frito-Lay, stated; “Today consumers want to have their voices heard. They want to have their hand in where a brand goes…” It’s all about connecting with your consumers and listening to their ideas and suggestions to help shape the future of your company.

Oreo – “Daily Twist”

OREO Moments

Oreo decided to mark their 100th anniversary by setting out to prove that even after a hundred years, the Oreo is still as relevant as ever. Using various social media sources such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and even their own microsite, they gave trending news stories an Oreo twist, marked with the #DailyTwist hashtag.

The results were a staggering 433 million Facebook views and a 280% increase in shares. It won various awards, including one of the two Cyber Lions Grand Prix awards at Cannes International Festival of Creativity, Gold for Social Media at the Clio Awards and Gold at the Andy Awards.

Tippex – “Create Your Own Ending”

Pushing the boundaries of creativity, Tippex brought out one of the most exciting YouTube commercials ever, with a ‘choose your own adventure’ style ending. The video started off with a hunter about to be confronted by a bear. Instead of shooting it, the hunter Tippex’ed the title, so that ‘A hunter shoots a bear’, now left a blank space where ‘shoots’ appeared to allow you to choose your own course of action.

With over 50 video responses to choose from, users were able to try out a huge variety of endings, from hugs, kisses, plays game with, high fives and much more. This campaign reminded us how much fun commercials could actually be, getting over 35.5 million views in 100 days.

PS. The new Tippex videos are fun too, so don’t hesitate to try them out!

Granata Pet – “Check In, Snack Out”

The idea behind this innovative campaign was to show how dogs are not the only ones subject to Pavlovian conditioning. Granata, a leading pet food company in Germany, made the most of Foursquare by setting up a giant billboard that allowed users to check in their location. The reward was some delicious dog food for man’s best friend to enjoy.

It was a straightforward way to show owners just how much your dogs would enjoy their brand of dog food. The billboard was located in an area that would receive high dog traffic – repeated walks past the same area would continue to draw attention to the billboards from the dogs. Sure enough, it generated an increase in demand for their pet food at local stores and raised awarenes through 4Square checkings, most of which were also synced with users Facebook accounts.

Virgin Australia – “Velocity’s Pet Ambassador”

Velocity Australia frequent flyer program

To help celebrate the launch of its frequent flyer program for pets, Velocity Australia frequent flyer program ran a nation-wide contest to find the lucky pet that would be named Pet Ambassador of the program. The winning owners would be awarded 10,000 Velocity points each.

Celebrity vet Dr. Chris Brown assisted the launch, and the campaign became so popular that the team decided to award additional prizes for the Velocity Top Dog and Top. The announcement, made to their Facebook fan base only, had over 3,000 likes and 650 Facebook shares. With thousands of entries compromising of people sending in their pet photos, it just comes to show that a simple idea can help to generate huge exposure and interactivity for your brand.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Things Up

All of the social media campaigns we’ve discussed here have one thing in common – they aren’t afraid to go beyond the conventional. The respective marketing teams were willing to put themselves out there to get that traction in the social media sphere. To really make an impact, don’t be afraid to mix things up a little bit. Remember that empowering your customers with a voice can really take your campaign to the next level.