Round cheeks can give you a youthful glow but there’s nothing like a pair of razor sharp cheekbones to make you feel like a supermodel. Highlight your natural bone structure and make your cheekbones really pop by trying out these handy makeup tips.


Source: O Boticario SPFW/Wikimedia Commons

1. Choose a flattering shade

Like any type of makeup, when you’re selecting blush to highlight your cheekbones you’ll want to find a shade that best flatters your skin tone. Someone with a peaches and cream complexion would want to stay away from a dark burgundy, for example. Do you already swear by a particular shade of lipstick? Use this as a guide for finding a complimentary blush. Generally speaking, earthy makeup colours work best on those who have a warm undertone to the skin, while those with a pale or cool complexion benefit from pale pinks and cool-hued purples. If you’re not sure what type of skin tone you have, try sitting down for a professional makeup consultation to get a few hints.

2. Combine blush with bronzer 

You can make your cheekbones stand out with blush alone, but if you really want a head-turning look try combining your blush with bronzer. Although you may associate bronzer with a day at the beach, when blended well it can be used throughout the year. You’ll find it in powder and cream formats, in a variety of shades. Try using bronzer on the lower half of your cheekbone, and a light blush on the top for contrast. You could also apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, before applying a darker shade of bronzer to the underside of the cheekbone. If you’re unable to see the area underneath your cheekbone, try sucking in those cheeks and be sure to blend!

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