Top 4 Brand Celebrations of the Royal Baby


Brands know by now that any time there’s a runaway Twitter topic, they had better climb aboard and ride that train to the top.  It’s even better if they have 9 months or so to plan ahead, as was the case with the birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby boy. Starcount took a look at several brands that were suspiciously well-prepared for yesterday’s big announcement. Here are four of their favorites.

1. Hot on the heels of its Superbowl blackout tweet, Oreo served the little prince his first milk and cookies in the form of this Facebook post, which read,”long live the creme.” The image got 680 shares and 9,100 likes — “more shares and likes than any other royal baby picture on the network,” Starcount said.  It was enough to move the brand up 3 places onto third on Starcount’s Candy Chart.

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2. Coca-Cola toasted Wills and Kate with two bottles of Coke, a spin on their “Share a Coke with…” campaign. They came in second place that day with 640 shares and 6,800 likes and gained 60,000 new Facebook fans to boot. Starcount says the brand ranks first on its Soft-Drink Chart.

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3. The UK branch of Starbucks is getting the royal baby hooked on caffeine a little early with his very own Starbucks cup.  The other two cups bear the names of the royal couple (in felt pen, of course) and all three are topped off with matching crowns. Twitter loved this one — the ad was retweeted 1,150 times and favorited 600 times.

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4. Magnum took the popular #RoyalBaby hashtag and added its own #MiniRoyal hashtag to show that members of the royal family, like the chocolate-dipped ice cream bars, come in two sizes. Twitter responded with 183 retweets and 170 favorites. Starcount said the ice cream brand rose 15 places on its Candy Chart.

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Twitter data revealed that Royal Baby tweets peaked yesterday afternoon at 23,000 tweets per minute, shortly after the prince’s birth was publicly announced. As of this morning, the #RoyalBaby hashtag has been used more than 900,000 times. On Facebook, there were more than 1 million mentions of the royal baby in the first hour alone, with UK residents and women between the ages of 25 and 34 leading the conversation. 

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