Top 10 Blogging Predictions that be Will Dominant in 2014


The year 2013 is about to end in a few days and the arrival of New Year has attracted the blogging pundits to predict the future of blogging. With more organic contents and multiple promotion methods, the year 2013 has brought in radical changes for bloggers and hopefully this will continue in 2014. These changes will benefit those who are serious players in blogging domain.

With constant revision of Google updates, bloggers have to remain updated with the best practices and latest trends of the search engine marketing industry. As a professional blogger, you want to rank higher in the results of SERP (Search Engine Page Rank) and lead in the competition. No blogger wants to be the victim of Google’s ruthless penalties and left alone in the competition.

Considering the current scenario, here are 10 popular trends that will rule blogging in 2014:

  1. Blog Designs Will Be Responsive

    Responsive design is the popular web design trend of 2013 and will lead the website design industry in the next year. Responsive design increases performance of a website by making it more flexible for different screen sizes. With responsive design, bloggers can reach a wider audience, including mobile users. A responsive design will be ideal choice for bloggers who want to attract mobile audience.

  2. Google Authorship Will Boost The Professional Writers

    As an author, you want the maximum exposure to your audience. Google Plus gives you the opportunity to attract your target audience and market your potential. Authors are using Google Plus to enhance their visibility across various platforms. Considering the exponentially growing numbers of Google Plus users, this will be the biggest thing for professional writers in the year 2014.

  3. Google Authorship

  4. The Algorithm Factor Will Have An Impact On the Bloggers

    Google Hummingbird is the latest addition in the Google’s algorithm. As Humming bird focuses on semantic of keywords, there will be no room for junk and spam contents. Bloggers have to come up with only high-quality and relevant contents to survive in the competition. In 2014, we will see a growth in a genuine bloggers and marketers who will rely more on organic and relevant contents to get top rankings in the SERP.

  5. Self Hosted Vs Free Blog

    Free blogs provide you with the least opportunity to brand yourself as a blogger. Yet, they provide limited features to the end user. Hopefully, the bloggers will go for self hosted features in 2014 as they offer more in terms of functionality. This trend will be beneficial for online money makers who can utilize more tools to brand their products. So if you own an online website, time has come to switch from your free blog to a paid version.

  6. Pay And Get the Exposure

    In today’s technology-driven space, nothing can match the speed of marketing products. In just a few bucks, you can brand your products to your target audience in every corner of the world. The trend will be influential in 2014 and marketers and business owners will be spending more money to promote their brands.

  7. Social Engagements Will Rise

    When it comes to marketing, social media seems to be the ultimate authority. As a potential entrepreneur, you can kick start your blog with a strong presence on social places. Google tend to trust sites that have maximum endorsements from popular social platforms. In 2014, bloggers will work more on social engagements which means more links and higher ranking in the result page.

  8. Content Is King

    Gone are the days when you stuff information into odd length of 300-400 words. Google is very particular about the word count of contents. In fact, it has a liking for contents that are longer and more comprehensive. So if you are a potential blogger, you need to work on your way to become more versatile and prolific in your contents for 2014.

  9. Multimedia Elements Will Grow

    The arrival of handy plugins has empowered bloggers to integrate interactive elements in their blog. As visitors prefer a video over text, it has become popular trend to use videos and photos in blogs. This has resulted in increased user engagement and the phenomenon is going to dominate in 2014.

  10. Guest Post

    Bloggers have realized over time that Google has a preference for authentic backlinks. So unless you are in the loop of genuine bloggers, you have fewer chances to survive in 2014. So if you are launching a blog in next year, you should first extend your hands to serious bloggers in your niche industry.

  11. Income Diversification

    2013 saw a gradual inclination of blog monetization and hopefully the effect will continue in 2014. With diversified methods of monetization, the bloggers will have alternative ways of making money without depending on a single source. With banner ads and newsletter promotions, bloggers will have chance to gain more in return.