Toddler Elizabeth Christensen Can Name Every Part In The Human Body


2-Year-Old Toddler Elizabeth Christensen is a super talented youngster. Not only does she know where her head, shoulders, knees, and toes, are located. She can also point out the Kidney’s, large intestines, and every other part of the human body.

Pointing to an internal body part she proclaims, “These are the large intestines.” She then proclaims, “Kidneys make you pee in the potty!”

The Plano, Texas toddler’s parents say they checked out an anatomy kit from their local library, and their daughter did the rest of the work.

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Speaking to a KTVT reporter the little girl says, “I taught myself to read.”

Currently the 2-year-old toddler has moved on from naming every part in the human body, to learning the Piano. She also started swimming lessons at 14 months old.

Toddler Elizabeth Christensen Can Name Every Part In The Human Body image Elizabeth Christensen Knows The Human Body

The Christensen family also runs a YouTube channel where her mom wrote: “I believe most children are just as capable as our daughter Elizabeth. I would like to think she is just gifted but truthfully I think we underestimate the abilities of our children.”

In the meantime, little Elizabeth is the star of the cities viral video aimed at promoting the Plano, Texas library system.

As the parent of a child who picked up a love of books and exploration before the age of two, I fully agree with her parents, Children are capable of a lot more than many parents give them credit for.

Did your child excel at something long before their counterparts? Share your own stories in our comments secttion.

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