Tips for Branding Your Facebook Fan Page


With over 600 million registered users, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites. If you are a business owner and not on Facebook then you are certainly missing the chance of enhancing your online visibility. With increasing competition, many brands are finding it difficult to sustain their Facebook fan page. Just creating a fan page will not do anything, you have to manage it and update it regularly. You will succeed only when you provide rich source to your customers with accuracy and speed.

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Here are a few tips that can help you brand your Facebook fan page:

Appealing Timeline Cover

This is one of the key elements to attract people. The timeline cover photos should identify your company, product, service, or your mission and should clearly state the message that you are trying to convey to your fans. In addition, keep changing this cover often to keep your customers engaged and updated about your vision and company. Moreover, this cover should give them a reason to visit your page again. If you are skilled enough, you could design them yourself.

Profile Pic

The next in the line is your profile picture or your avatar. It should match with your business and your cover photo. If you have a business that is handled all by yourself, then uploading your picture would be wise. On the other hand, if you are an artist or group of people handling the business then you can use a creative picture of your artwork or your company’s logo respectively to define your personality. In addition, you must ensure that this image looks perfect on all screen size and hence you must have a test round before making it your final profile pic. Another important thing that you must remember is to align the picture appropriately so that it appears perfectly on news feeds and more.


Many people don’t like reading long stories, hence creating a video about your company or brand can be beneficial. A creative short video with animations can attract people and may promote interest in visiting your business website. The livelier video you create, higher the chances of enhancing your online visibility.

Status Updates

Next in the line is status updates and one of the most important factor of your Facebook Fan Page. With few attractive lines or small paragraph, you can promote your product and keep your fans updated. Moreover, an appealing and inspiring status will increase the chance of Likes, comments, and share. You must spend quality time for creating a simple yet informative status that will ensure you to increase web traffic. Hilarious or funny status related to your brand or product with deep meaning can also do wonders for you.


This is another important element of your Facebook Fan Page. A rich and informative content will develop trust and likeliness. A small content describing yourself or your business will make people aware of your products and services. It is very much necessary to keep updating the content to make it an informative source of information. This will also allow people to understand you better as well give them the idea of your products and business.


This is a great way to win customers and get people attracted to your Facebook fan page. Every individual simply loves to participate in contests and win exciting prizes. If you are launching a new brand, product, or logo, then take a poll or votes. This will allow your fans to take active participation in your business and giving them a chance to win loads of prizes.

Remain Active

This is the most important factor as people find Facebook a great place for communication and interacting with people. Therefore, you must ensure that your team remains active and answers to all the queries of the innocent customers. This will also let the customers know that you are taking efforts to solve their issues and giving them utmost importance. With all the above points, you can certainly brand your Facebook Fan page and increase your online presence and sustain a remarkable position in online business.

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