We interviewed Matt Horan, Founder of Rollasole Limited about the beautiful and efficient roll-up shoe and his inspiration behind the idea. Read on to learn more about breaking into the shoe market and why Rollasole is becoming the 4th essential.


How did you come up with the roll-up shoe concept?
On a night out with my girlfriend, I always ended up piggy backing her home when her heels started to hurt. I thought there had to be a better solution. Rollasoles are designed roll-up and be high compact enough to fit into your clutch bag as well as being fashionable, and you won’t break the bank buying them. It’s the perfect solution for any girl whose heels ever hurt them.

What avenue did you go down to turn your ideas into products?
I purchased a wide range of different materials online, lots of samples and did a lot of market research into what women would need from the product. We had to make them a really comfortable alternative to heels – fashionable so you could wear at any occasion and maintain a constant flow of fresh designs for different looks and keep them affordable. We think we’ve nailed it on all fronts.

How hard was it to break into the shoe market?
It’s always been a very competitive market, but most buyers are willing to give you 5 minutes if you’re persistent. Once you sit down with them the strength of your product, design and branding will be what counts.


Where do you get your design inspirations from?
The first Rollasoles were all designed with clubbers in mind so they were dark and fairly neutral. Since then, Rollasole has expanded to cater for women wearing heels for so many occasions. If you’re commuting to work, shopping, driving home, going to a wedding and our most recent deluxe designs are designed for all day wear so we’ve had so much fun developing designs to meet those needs.

rollasole 2

What are your plans for the future?
We’ve just launched with Debenhams and are working on some new designs for House of Fraser. Internationally, things are going great in Las Vegas for us at the moment. We’re selling in vending machines and directly into the hotel mini-bars. It’s a unique product that can sell into so many different markets.

When I first started all the research suggested whenever girls are leaving the house they take their mobile, their keys and purse. It sounds ambitious but we’re aiming to make Rollasole the 4th essential for all women when leaving the house.

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