These 5 Posts Will Increase Your Facebook Engagement Overnight


A lot of businesses create Facebook pages and then assume their fans will engage with every post.

Bad assumption!

Just because someone has Liked your fan page doesn’t mean they’ll Like & comment on your posts.

After all, you aren’t “Friends” with them.

The ONLY way to capture the attention of your fans is to publish great posts that entice them to engage.

Here are 5 posts that will do that:

5 Posts to Increase Engagement on Facebook Immediately

1. Caption This Photo

Every time I post a funny picture like this and then ask fans to caption it, the response is huge.

These 5 Posts Will Increase Your Facebook Engagement Overnight image pigcaption2

People just love to add their funny comments to photos like this.

I posted this image while writing this blog post and quickly have gotten 20 shares, 20 likes and 10 comments.

We already know that photos get great Edgerank in Facebook.  So by getting people to comment on a photo like this, you’ll definitely increase the reach of your post — which will create more opportunities for engagement.

Check out Josh’s post where he shows you how to find awesome photos to share on Facebook if you’re having trouble finding images.


Quotes are maybe the simplest way to increase engagement on your page.


Because people love to share & Like quotes — especially whimsical or motivational quotes.

You can post a text update like this motivational quote:

These 5 Posts Will Increase Your Facebook Engagement Overnight image quotetext2

Or you can post the quote as a photo update like Kim Garst often does:

These 5 Posts Will Increase Your Facebook Engagement Overnight image kimgarst1

Notice her post got 132 shares & 379 people Liked it. That’s HUGE engagement!

I’d recommend mixing up your quotes between text only updates & photos so you can measure their effectiveness.

 3. Fill-in-the-Blank

Fill-in-the-blank posts are a quick way to elicit a response from your fans — and thus increase engagement.

Let’s face it — people love to be creative & show off their smarts. The key here is to keep the update short & make it a knee-jerk reaction to fill in the blank.

These 5 Posts Will Increase Your Facebook Engagement Overnight image fillintheblank1

Notice in this post we actually gave people 2 choices — making it even easier for them to answer.

This post got 3 times as many comments as Likes — which is exactly what we wanted.

Here’s a great post showing you some awesome templates for Fill-in-the-blank statuses on Facebook.

4. Timely & Comical Photos

Facebook will give photos ever more prominence in the News Feed — which should excite you as a page owner.

Images have always carried a lot of weight in Edgerank. And with the majority of Facebook users being mobile-only, photos should see even more engagement moving forward.

These 5 Posts Will Increase Your Facebook Engagement Overnight image photosforblog1

As you can see, the above timely & comical image got a ton of engagement — which boosted our reach nearly 16,000 people (around half of our Like count).

It’s an example of a hugely successful post that created tons of engagement for our page — and probably exposed our page to a whole new crop of fans.


Again, because the photo was:

  • Timely & Comical
  • but also… it had a Call-to-Action

These are all key elements in a good photo post.

If you want to take it a step further, try posting a link in the photo caption — to drive traffic to your site.

And consider editing the photos you post to add your logo and/or url at the bottom of the image. That way when it does get shared 109 times, everyone will know where it came from!

5. Questions

Asking a question on your page is another easy way to increase engagement — and it requires few resources (ie. photos).

These 5 Posts Will Increase Your Facebook Engagement Overnight image questionsforblog1

We ask a ton of questions on the Post Planner page, because:

  1. we know they get engagement — as shown in the above example
  2. we have a huge arsenal of questions in our Status Ideas Engine

My advice on questions is to:

  • keep them short
  • ask Yes/No questions when possible
  • ask multiple choice questions and list the choices as A, B, C
  • ask light-hearted questions to get the biggest response (lighten up!)

We do NOT recommend using the “Questions” feature on Facebook Pages.

Why? Because even if the post gets lots of engagement and goes “viral” it won’t really help your Edgerank. Plus people who answer the question often won’t even see where it’s from.

Sure it could be great to gather stats & do research for a blog post, but as a way to get engagement I’d recommend just asking the question as a text update instead.

Did You Know?

Did you know that 3 of the above 5 post types are ready-made functions in the Post Planner app?

Yep… Questions, Fill-in-the-blanks & Quotes are specific categories in our Status Ideas Engine – which makes it super simple to find & share awesome status updates.

In fact, we’ve taken the guessing game out of creating engaging posts by providing you with an endless assortment of pre-written statuses to choose from.

I can tell you from personal experience — I’ve used the database since it was launched 2 years ago — that Post Planner’s Status Ideas Engine has been essential in increasing engagement on the myriad pages I’ve run during that time period.

So if you haven’t connected to the app and tried our Status Ideas Engine, do it right now!

Remember — it’s FREE to post to all of your pages!

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