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The Wait Ends: Facebook Begins Graph Search Rollout


Graph Search, which Facebook began slowly rolling out in beta in January, is ready for the next step, as the social network announced Monday that all users with U.S. English as their selected language will gain access to the feature “in the next few weeks,” telling ABC News “several hundreds of millions of people” will get Graph Search this week.

Facebook also announced improvements to Graph Search that it was able to implement as a result of its beta test, including:

  • Speed improvements both when suggesting potential searches and when displaying results.
  • Deeper query understanding.
  • More relevant results are now displayed first.
  • The search box is easier to see and use.

Facebook said the rollout will occur automatically, and users will see their search boxes changed over to the Graph Search format, adding that work continues on bringing the future to mobile.

The social network will also display a notice on users’ homepages when they are converted to Graph Search, reminding them about available privacy settings to control who can see their content.

Readers: How many of you already have access to Graph Search?

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