The Sweet Taste of Victory!


You may have heard about the Skittles Millionaire contest, wherein sharing a video made by Skittles would reward you with a virtual Skittles currency. At the end of the contest whoever had accrued the most views/virtual Skittles would win the contest! Chelsea Middleton wound up winning the contest, and she says she owes the win to a strategy implemented by a man you may know better as (e)GR8IDEA!

Don Dobbie has been on Empire Avenue for approximately 3 years, and decided to utilize the platform in order to help drum up support for his partner’s entry. I asked Don which elements of the site he utilized in order to get the word out about the contest, and he chalked up the win to effective use of Missions.

Using Missions Don was able to drive people and brands on the Empire Avenue platform to discover the video. From there, those that wished to could engage, share and drive the video into their networks. The support of the Empire Avenue Community whom he has gotten to know over the past three years on the site helped drive the success.

What is it that you are looking to achieve on Empire Avenue? Hopefully Don’s story has shown you that you can achieve just about anything with Missions and a dedicated network. We recently posted some tips on creating a great Mission. Follow them and maybe the next Empire Avenue success story we write about could be you!

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