The Onion’s hilarious fake job ad


The news-satire website posted an ad for a “listening internship” job
Thursday. It looks real, but it’s really a way to snag Amazon reviews
for its new, streaming-only TV show.

By Matt Wilson | Posted: May 10, 2013

Everyone—or, at least, almost everyone—knows that the “news” The Onion posts every day is largely fictional. It’s satire.

However, until this week, the site’s unreality was limited to its
content pages and didn’t reach into its job listings. That changed
Thursday when The Onion posted this ad for an unpaid “listening intern,” whose job responsibilities would include:

1. Listening
2. Nodding
3. Smiling
4. Appearing deeply interested in what the speaker is saying
5. Remaining silent

The job lasts for one day and is intended to “comfort our
staff by providing an attentive ear for hearing their thoughts and

Job qualifications include a “meek, obedient demeanor” and “functional
ears and/or lip reading ability” but mainly, applicants are required to
watch the pilot of the new Amazon streaming series “Onion News Empire”
and rate it. The show is one of several new comedy pilots that Amazon is testing. Amazon will decide which ones become full series based on customer reviews and survey results.

The job listing is a real listing on The Onion’s SmartRecruiters
page, found alongside ads looking for an IT manager and a front-end
developer, but it’s pretty clearly a sly way to rack up Amazon reviews
and make Onion News Empire a series.

Or maybe it’s not so clear. Quite a few commenters on a Mashable post
about the job listing—which didn’t mention the Amazon review
requirement—either asked whether it was real, called it a “lame
internship,” or inquired about how much it paid.

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