The @Klout Website Gets a New Look and Feel, Shifts To Social Sharing


New Klout Create Page

If you’ve been to Klout today, you’re probably in for a surprise. The social influence scoring company is shifting to a cleaner look and feel and going after the crowded (yet somehow underserved) social sharing industry.

Content curating has been a big thing in social media since the early days of Digg and Slashdot. Many companies have tried to enhance the way that people share content by offering suggestions, allowing scheduling, and measuring the impact. Now, Klout is going full force in trying to become the next great content curation engine.

You can still see your social influence score. Giving people endorsements through “+K” is now done on their profile pages by hovering over and clicking their topics of influence. There’s no prompt to do so like there was before.

More about this coming as we explore. In the meantime, here are a couple of screenshots:

Schedule Social Media Updates Through Klout

Klout Scheduling

Good Ol’ Klout Score and Analytics are Still There

Klout Score

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