The Great Grape Salad Debate


grape salad1The New York Times created an interactive, state-by-state map of the most Googled Thanksgiving recipes. Good idea, until residents started to chime in. Key lime cake in Georgia? Who ever heard of such a thing? Here were some more response from around the web:

So this NYT Thanksgiving Recipe thing further pushes the stereotype that NJ is only made up of Italians?

— Josh Sternberg (@joshsternberg) November 20, 2014


Only small gripe: the NYT Thanksgiving recipe for Kansas isn’t bad enough. — Alex Heard (@alexheard) November 19, 2014


Nothing says DC like a tart prepared by a NY chef and served to an elected official at a state dinner. Very NYT. — Jack Kogod (@Unsilent) November 19, 2014


NYT says English pea and onion salad represents Ohio at Thanksgiving. Born here, raised here, no pea/onion salad. — Taylor Dungjen (@taylordungjen) November 19, 2014

But no state had as many gripes as Minnesota. It’s turned into #grapegate and NPR even did a segment on it:

Re: MN feeling wronged by grape salad via the NYT, Iowa is also pretty pissed because there is *no such thing* as Thanksgiving cookies.

— Melissa Torres (@agoodlibrarian) November 19, 2014

What kind of Minnesotan googles wild rice “casserole”? Sweet baby Jesus in a corn crib, people, it’s “hot dish.” #grapegate #GopherPoseurs

— Sally Jo Sorensen (@sallyjos) November 26, 2014 @sulliview on sour grapes and #grapegate. I say, lighten up people, tho still pissed Cheeseheads got wild rice.

— david carr (@carr2n) November 21, 2014


New York Times! You don’t win friends with grape salad. #grapegate

— Michael Roston (@michaelroston) November 19, 2014

If anything, it prompted some good discussions about what people care about and how important traditions can be. For the record, I’m from Pennsylvania, and I’ve never heard of glazed bacon, either.

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