The Great Catsby: An Internet Musical


The Great Catsby is an internet phenomenon that started with a symphony of cat-shopped covers of Fitzgerald’s literary masterpiece and emerged as naturally as cats and musicals often do – with lots of singing. The final cat-daptation deserves some serious accolades. Cats, music, and great literature – how can you go wrong?


Photoshop is the queen of memes, but internet artists really impressed me with some original renderings…


until the Trailer Cats provided us with a tease hinting at what could be. This was naturally followed by more variations and manipulations of the current musical with Leo (a true feline) and the compulsory cat on Roomba gif.

Just when you didn’t think you could take anymore Catsby without coughing up some hairballs of your own, someone revived the great animated cat musical “The Aristocats” and dubbed in some new audio from Luhrmann’s new soundtrack.  (I think animatter224 said it best: “Starring Leonardo Di-Cat-prio and Carrey Meowigun directed by Baz Purrrman.”) It’s genius because there’s nothing quite like the crooning of Lana Del Ray and kittens falling in love. I admit it nearly brought me to tears.



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