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The Complete Guide To The New Facebook For Business Page


Facebook’s efforts to simplify marketing and advertising on the social network took a giant leap forward with Thursday’s launch of the Facebook for Business page, a single destination for all of the information brands need to tap into Facebook’s vast advertising resources.

One of the main goals of the Facebook for Business page is to continue the push the social network started when it announced an overhaul of its ad products in early June: Brands are being encouraged to look at advertising on Facebook by determining what their goals are, rather than by choosing from among its different types of ad products.

On that note, when users select “Get Started” from the menu at the top of the Facebook for Business homepage, they are greeted with a list of business goals to help them determine which ad products best fit their needs: drive in-store sales, increase online sales, launch a new product, build awareness, and promote your app.

Each option brings users to a step-by-step guide on how to proceed. For example, under “Promote Your App,” users are taken through the process of setting up their applications, creating pages for them, adding photos, adding screenshots, choosing appropriate categories, determining their target audiences, choosing the right ad types to showcase their apps, and monitoring their progress via insights.

For users who prefer a different approach, clicking “Solutions” from the menu atop the homepage allows them to explore Facebook’s offerings by product (pages, advertising, advanced advertising, platform, measurements and insights), or by specific industry (automotive, consumer goods, financial services, gaming, retail/ecommerce, technology, travel).

Each option brings users to detailed, step-by-step guides. For example, users who select “Pages” are navigated through the entire process of creating Facebook pages, including overviews of page setup, types of content, use of location, and insights.

And choosing from among the specific industries results in through information tailored to those industries. For example, under “Retail and Ecommerce,” tips are provided on how to increase foot traffic at brick-and-mortar stores and eyeballs on online stores.

Naturally, for those users who want to dive right in, the Facebook for Business homepage also offers “Create an Ad” and “Create Page” buttons, allowing users to kick-start the process right away. The “Get Help” button also provides a list of resources, including the phone number for Facebook’s sales department, links to its Help Center, and information on its Preferred Marketing Developers.

All of Facebook’s Success Stories are now housed in one location, rather than being scattered on various marketing-related pages created by the social network. Users can browse these Success Stories by business size, goal, industry, product, and region.

Finally, all news from Facebook that relates to advertising and marketing will appear in the News section of Facebook for Business, rather than being scattered across various blogs, including the Facebook Studio blog. Content in this section is also sortable, by small business, brands and agencies, and product news.

Readers: Do you think the new Facebook for Business page will be a helpful resource, and are there any topics you feel Facebook needs to focus more on?

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