The Complete Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing


How to Use LinkedIn Marketing

Have you heard about LinkedIn Marketing in social networking site? Do you know how to utilize it? If not then it is time to learn about it. Being the most popular professional social sharing platform, LinkedIn has millions of users in more than 200 countries. There is no or less chances for businesses to waste time in being friendly with their LinkedIn followers since the mechanism in this site is more professional than being friendly.

Hence you must have at least rudimentary knowledge about professional LinkedIn social media marketing tips, plan and strategy. You can put the following tips into action in order to get more LinkedIn leads generation.

  1. When I initially used LinkedIn, utilizing the status updates was my prime goal. It helped other fellow members to stay connected with me. Therefore provide the detailed status update which makes your connections know about your current work update, about your product launch status, events happening status etc. Have the habit of posting regular LinkedIn updates in your profile. You can also post the links of content which are relevant to your website or any other third party sites.
  2. Initially it was tedious to maintain blog posts and its marketing. But in LinkedIn you can syndicate your posts to your network profile and thus the profile will automatically work on updates that takes place in your blog. The LinkedIn profile will often get updated with your post headlines, abstract and with links provided in the article. This updating technology makes your connection feel that you are actively using the social media. There are also possibilities for them to ask queries if they have any.
  3. Here is another important LinkedIn social media marketing tips. I also utilized the community pages on LinkedIn – groups, answers and company pages to enhance the collaboration with my connections and followers. Via groups I was able to connect with people who have similar interests. Though there was possibility to create my own LinkedIn group I didn’t create one, however I joined in more than 50 groups and discussed with other community members to know their opinion about my product. And I think this was the best possible feedback that any business owners can get.
  4. Do you know what LinkedIn b2b marketing is? Well this platform works tremendously well for business to business marketing. You may require some services or products from other business clients. In reverse they may also expect some services from you (that you are already offering). LinkedIn is powerful and unique platform that supports this sort of B2B business.
  5. Here comes the bonus tip for generating LinkedIn leads strategy which I tried last month and found the results to be effective, that is running LinkedIn ad campaign. I entered all the details about my business in company profile page and created an ad campaign. I found that LinkedIn campaign is bit costly than any other advertising campaign but results are also positive than I expected. Here I was able to target my niche customers, specific age group of people and specific geographical locations.

Top 5 Tips for Marketing with LinkedIn

It is obvious that LinkedIn is growing network with its latest redesign in home page, profile settings and in business profile page. Moreover new applications for mobile are introduced for LinkedIn uses. So it is perfect time for handling business marketing techniques in LinkedIn. A year before, while initiating my business, I followed few specific and simple LinkedIn social media marketing strategies which I like to share here for your reference.

  1. Complete the business profile page: You may ask – what is the difference between completed profile and incomplete business profile page? The business page replicates the trade you handle. It tells your connections and fellow LinkedIn members about your trade. When it is incomplete, they are left on dark side about your business. It means that you cannot succeed in marketing on LinkedIn. Hence if you have left out the LinkedIn profile page empty, rush to complete it at the earliest.
  2. Update your profile frequently: I often forget to update my profile with latest information but later I found the importance of it. Last week I launched a new product in the market and immediately turned to LinkedIn to update it on business page. Thus my community members can view and learn about it which enhances the chances of selling the product among target customers.
  3. Being interactive is fun in business: When I browse some LinkedIn profile, I find it boring and annoying. It lacks in interaction and it doesn’t speak about their business. Then I realized that I should keep my profile interesting and informative to make others happy and relieve them from headache. Therefore you can also make your LinkedIn profile interactive not only to generate LinkedIn for leads but also to stand unique in market. You can create a pop up box after few seconds of every visits or at least give success stories that motivates the visitors.

  4. Recommend for others in your community: I firmly believe that in any social media, by giving others what they need will fetch good results for your business too. This creates confidence and makes others think about you. In case of any requirement you can ask them for help. You can also help them by showing opportunities area when they struggle in marketing with LinkedIn.
  5. Create or join in groups: In early stages I was very much confused about LinkedIn groups. I was unaware whether to choose groups of same interest or whether participating in other groups was possible. Later I joined in niche related groups and also created many new groups which have now got more than 3000 members. I felt very happy when my group became popular among LinkedIn users. Thus you can create a new group or participate in already existing groups.

Bonus tips for LinkedIn b2b marketing best strategies: Having strong bound with other businesses is important when it comes to trade. Hence offer your hands when they require help and also connect with businesses in other social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to build rapport.

Benefits of LinkedIn leads and How to Obtain It?

Being the huge contributor among other social media niches, LinkedIn has many users from around 200 countries. When your business profile has many connections, it means that you can get more LinkedIn leads. Via marketing on LinkedIn you can get,

  • Numerous potential clients,
  • High quality business partners,
  • Promote your product to large LinkedIn groups and communities,
  • Build brand reputation and become authorized organization,
  • Drive traffic to your company website and catch leads. In turn it increases the sales and profit.

So in order to obtain all these, you must know the marketing strategies. Being into business for several years I could see the difference in trading and in ROI after using LinkedIn. Though you can use other social media too for marketing, LinkedIn is my favorite one. Thus I like to share the marketing strategies that I followed to obtain more leads in this niche.

Though you run a start-up company, you can get assistance or business from large scale industries via LinkedIn connections. The connections are people whom you follow and who follows you. Surely connections can be raised if you have interesting and completed business profile. Others in LinkedIn go through the profile and become your connection. I have learnt that it is impossible to gain LinkedIn leads or connections overnight.

Hence it is advisable to spend at least few minutes of quality time daily on LinkedIn to achieve this target. Secondly you should also be concerned about who are all in your connections. Though you can select anyone to be in your connection, finding relevant businesses or target customers might boost your trade.

Running an advertisement in LinkedIn brings greater results for generating leads.

Though the advertisement costs higher than other social media, it offers huge scope of marketing your trade. But before running advertisement, you must be able to answer following questions. Who all will see your ads? What is the advertisement concept? Will it directly reach target customers? How much budget to allocate? What location to target? When you are clear with all these then defiantly you gain success in generating LinkedIn leads.

Moreover the ads that you run must follow the LinkedIn advertising guidelines. Your ad may get rejected if it disobeys hence spend some time in learning and understanding the guidelines carefully.

The advanced search option in LinkedIn works great. I usually search for people via this advanced search. I can go through their profiles and learn their role and to which company they are working for. Later when I am okay with their profile, I send personal request message to invite them for my connection. People reciprocate when they are satisfied with my business profile. The tailored inviting message helps to save time while increasing connections on your network.

LinkedIn b2b marketing strategy is also easy and becomes simple when you gradually increase the connections count. But be sure not to be too aggressive while making connections. There are chances for the LinkedIn team to give penalty for your business profile for making too many connections in shorter period.