The Best Social Media Campaigns Of The Recent Past


Send a Whale

Today’s businesses, social media has been one of the most important aspects if used right, mostly because a good social media campaign propels the company quickly into the limelight of consumer perception.

Today’s companies and organizations use the campaigns that integrate their offline marketing with social media channels, their own site and paid advertising. However, how would a new company ideally shape the social media campaign for its benefit?

1- Greeenpeace Send A Whale Campaign

Greenpeace is an association that is dedicated towards the noble cause of protecting the environment from human devastation. Operating in a number of countries, the foundation launches a number of programs.

One of the most successful campaigns that Greenpeace has recently releaced has been the wildly successful Send A Whale campaign which was aimed at garnering support for saving the whales from extensive hunting activities in the Pacific Ocean.

The organization invited people to make a number of online origami whales. The response through Twitter and Facebook was astonishing – the campaign numbered more than 130,000 participants. The unique theme and out-of-the-box thinking made it a huge hit and saw the campaign gain huge exposure in public.

2- Red Cross- Socials Got A Heart

The famed Swiss relief group Red Cross has been in worldwide operations since World War II. Red Cross is known for the assistance programs that it undertakes to help the underprivileged and impoverished people.

The Red Cross launched its new campaign “Socials Got A Heart” sometime ago. Using multiple platforms like the Twitter and Facebook, the organization invited people to be virtual volunteers that will give out “virtual hugs” in response to calls for aid.

This campaign was made to offset the organizations inability to answer all the incoming cries for help. As there are so many each day, it is unfortunately impossible to help everyone, but at least they were able to send virtual hugs.

3- Mater Prize Homes Campaign

Mater Prize Lottery is one of the most renowned home charity lotteries in the world, and the best one in Australia. They launch small budget, yet innovative and unique local campaigns for garnering public support.

One the best campaigns was the organization supported a local Brisbane football club, the Brisbane Lions, and encouraged fans to send their entries by sending SMS so that they would win a chance to be with the team for the day. Mater Prize Homes further encouraged people by handing out gifts and fortune cookies during one Brisbane Lions match. This is another innovative use of targeted local social media marketing at its best, as the campaign generated significant resources that went to cancer research in the Mater Hospital.

4- Salvation Army- 32,000 To Go

Here is another campaign from Australia. Salvation Army’s unusual campaign called 32,000 to Go was a huge success in the field of social media marketing. Using the usual platforms – Twitter, Facebook and other social sites, the Salvation Army launched a campaign to raise enough awareness about the number of homeless young people living in Australia.

People were encouraged to come up with their own solutions, and discuss them online. The responses were extraordinary. The campaign arguably ended up becoming the most significant thing that Salvation Army has achieved in the recent times.

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