The Answer To Stress Relief Is Not Just Kittens


The end of the work week represents a time to de-stress from office deadlines, and the weekly beginning of relaxation and joy. Those that combine the two are lucky, but many individuals are forced to separate passions, hobbies, and personal relationships from their work and professional lives. It becomes far too easy to overlook the bright side throughout the week, and the small tidbits that truly signify who we are, and what we do.

From inbox overload to bad commutes, there are countless ways for your day, or even your week, to be ruined. But, in reality, your days and weeks are only ruined if you think they’re ruined. You have complete control to process information, events, and experiences, and put a positive spin on each and every moment. Before you read on, you might want to put a smile on your face, and this video is just the answer. If some cuddly kittens can turn your frown upside down, then you certainly have the power to do the same, even when these felines are not around.

Not everyone has kittens waiting for them behind a magical wall, so we’ll just have to move to Plan B. Try some of these stress relievers the next time you feel under pressure, sad, lonely, or just need a good ole’ break from the typical routine.


Clear your mind and expose yourself to a new environment. It doesn’t even have to be outdoors, although the fresh air helps. Just getting up from your desk, taking a stroll around the office, the building, or the neighborhood allows you to clear your mind for a few moments. You might see something funny, inspirational, or get a new idea while walking.


Relaxation for the body is just as important than it is for the mind. Taking a break or two each day to stretch is a great way to click your internal refresh button. You could even look up a new stretch each day, and find ones you really like. Perhaps your colleagues want to join you too. Stretching takes minimal time away from your hectic schedule, and is a healthy reminder for your body and mind to take a step back, relax, and reboot.


We all have passions, and it’s safe to say there are videos that go along with them. From sports highlights and music videos, to cooking classes and science experiments, just about anything is viewable on the web. You might want to watch some funny videos too, and browse Reddit for the latest and greatest of the Internet’s front page. Whatever it is you watch, spending a few minutes watching videos takes your mind away from the daily grind, and transports you to a personal oasis of multimedia enjoyment.


You might get his or her voicemail, but even so, leave a message for your friend. Tell them how your day is going, what you have planned for the night, ideas for the weekend, or even one of those funny videos you just watched. Talking to a friend in the middle of the day is one of the simplest methods for reliving stress. Ask each other questions, make plans, or just say “Hi” to throw a changeup during your day.


It might be best to get up from your desk, move to a different spot in your office, and just spend some time drawing and doodling (bonus points for using crayons or markers). Coloring and doodling takes you back to the peaceful days of the classroom, when work and deadlines were non-existent. You might even have one doodle you’ve mastered, so go ahead and show it off to the rest of your team.


It’s easy to get lost in the depths of WikiPedia, but at least you’re learning new things. Take a break mid-day to go on a mini WikiPedia binge. Select random articles, or go down a WikiPedia tunnel from link to link, and learn something that you had no idea about before. Who knows, you might discover a new factoid to tell at happy hour later that day.


The Internet is filled with jokes, from short and sweet to dirty and complex. Whichever types of jokes you like the most, look some up, and tell one or two to your co-workers. You could even try memorizing a few to tell at your next night out.


This is one stress relief tactic that is NOT free, but it might be the most rewarding and useful stress reliever on this list. Writing and mailing a letter is becoming extinct. With email, text messages, social networking, and even disappearing photos, we rarely hold onto tangible pieces of communication. Handwritten notes are now unexpected, but whenever you receive one, it really brightens your day. Whenever you have free time, purchase some envelopes and stamps, and bring them to work. Now, each time you feel a bit stressed out, you can take a break, write a letter, and send it to friends, family, loved ones, or even thank you notes. You could even get creative and write an anonymous note that you leave outside.

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