#TBT: Reliving High School Through Instagram




Pimple-laced, cringe-inducing and unexpectedly transcendent, high school memories are some of the most vivid we have. But why do they linger? Neuroscientists say memories you create during your adolescence — when your identity is most in flux — are among the strongest stored. And it’s during that time your prefrontal cortex — the part of the brain that’s responsible for reason and reflection — continues to develop. The myelin that’s injected into the brain speeds up and improves the connections of the nervous system, reinforcing memories, before solidifying in your mid-twenties.

That’s why personalities, unlike appearances, don’t seem to change after high school. And chances are, those early angels and demons are just as fresh today as they were back in your impressionable teenage years. They’re the experiences that shaped your identity and how you view the world around you — for better or worse. Read more…

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