‘Take The Reins,’ Film About Facebook Users’ Suicide, Looks To Complete Funding Via Indiegogo


TakeTheReins650The good news for Australian actress Emma Barrett is that the Kickstarter campaign to fund Take the Reins — her film based on the true story of a woman who took her own life in 2010, posting on Facebook, “Took all my pills be dead soon so bye bye every one,” and having her post face ridicule from her friends — reached its funding goal. The bad news is that the movie is still a little short due to failed credit-card transactions, so Barrett is trying to make up a $ 6,300 deficit with another fundraising campaign, this time on Indiegogo.

Barrett described the idea behind Take the Reins:

With this (redesigned) campaign, I really hope to inspire people to take those scary risks when it comes to vulnerability. I think one of the biggest mistakes I made in the original campaign was that I’d talk about the value of opening up and exposing vulnerability … yet, for my part, I wasn’t “walking the walk” and opening up to my supporters, the way I was urging them to do.

So I decided to write a farewell statement, standing in the shoes of my film’s main character, Simone, just after she’s finished taking the fatal overdose that will ensure her death. The clock is ticking away the minutes before the drugs fully take hold. I put myself in this place and, from there, I started writing.

It was a very difficult and confronting challenge. I wrote down the words that felt to me, in that moment, the most unreservedly raw and truthful words I could find … not to mention, terrifying to put on paper. And although, mercifully, I’ve never had to endure anything like the rapid, physical deterioration Simone’s body went through, the truth of the letter is very much my own, and these words spoken from my soul.

Her Indiegogo campaign runs through Feb. 28.

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