Taher Shah ‘Eye To Eye’ Video Does A ‘Rebecca Black’ In Pakistan. Draws Attention On Social Media


So I was just surfing through my Facebook feed last night, and one of my friends shared a video, and then another, and another. I had to check the video out. What I found was nothing short of amazing but in a weird way.

Taher Shah – a singer, lyricist, writer, model, actor, producer & director- has grabbed the news for all the wrong reasons. The song ‘Eye To Eye’ has already generated more than 200K views on the channel and I believe it is supposed to grow ten-fold as his virality or rather stupidity is exposed across different social media channels.

The self-proclaimed ‘Best Song of 2013’ according to his official Facebook Page which has more than 6,000 likes to date, is a song about eyes, eyes and well EYES as you can see! The guy seems so much in love with his eyes (and apparently other’s eyes too) that he made a song out of it. Rebecca Black was trolled big time for her song ‘Friday’ – which by the way has already crossed 54 million views – on similar lines.

Taher Shah’s buzz on social media

According to YouTube, here is some stats for the video accumulated till 26th June 2013 (lagging by two days). The trend suggests the viewership is on the rise and the mockery of his video will certainly increase as the days go by.

The video has got more ‘dislikes’ than ‘Likes’ in a ratio of 3:1 which suggests people are ‘not liking’ his efforts at all but then they don’t mind having a good laugh about it and sharing it with their friends, leading to an increase in viewership. In fact, the singer has also released an Urdu version of the song for his ‘fans’ in Pakistan and we can see some more bashing coming up on YouTube.

Taher Shah ‘Eye To Eye’ Video Does A ‘Rebecca Black’ In Pakistan. Draws Attention On Social Media image Taher Shah Youtube video Eye to Eye

Although his most popular video has generated more than 200K views, there are many more people uploading and consuming the same content thought different YouTube uploads (do a search for ‘Eye To Eye Taher Shah’). And when I searched on Google Trends, the curiosity about Taher Shah has skyrocketed with people searching about ‘Who is this Guy?’ especially in Pakistan in the past week. And Facebook and Twitter have already started with trolls/memes on Taher Shah and #EyeToEye. Some Tweets below describing the aftereffects of the song in the social media world:

A comic on the #EyeToEye boy, Mr. Taher Shah pic.twitter.com/uVgBpNMWJl

— Arslan Naseer (@comicsbyarslan) June 25, 2013

I am on my way to strangle @kiranmanral for introducing me to this. Scarred for life. https://t.co/58JHkezsoc #EyeToEye #SharingTheMisery

— Sachin Kalbag (@SachinKalbag) June 27, 2013

I watched and heard two minutes of eye to Eye or whatever that is called. This song (Noise) must be banned for being so unaesthetic

— Mubasher Lucman (@MubasherLucman) June 27, 2013

Where does this lead to?

The internet just needs a chance to start trolling people and Taher Shah has just provided the catalyst needed to do that. However, for him, ‘Any Publicity is Good Publicity’ and he will hope to cash in on this sometime later with more antics of his to follow.

According to his official website, Taher Shah writes that he wanted to create a ‘unique classic epic song and video’ because he believes in EYES true love and encourages it. Going by the looks of it, he has truly created one EPIC Song to close your ears to. The question is how much is too much?

What do you think of this song or Taher Shah’s hair? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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