Superheroes Aren’t Stronger Than Inflation and Other Top Comments




Being a superhero is hard enough, what with all the “with great power comes great responsibility” and battling twisted villains. But being a superhero in 2013 is especially difficult. Not because villains are any more evil, but because everything is just so expensive. The Batmobile and web-shooters don’t come cheap these days.

Every day this week, we posted a new infographic comparing how much it costs to be Spider-Man, The Hulk, Batman, Superman and Wolverine. Commenters had a field day.

Many took this opportunity to “nerd out” and speculate the cost of other superhero essentials; some were shocked to see how much more expensive life is in 2013 versus the 1930s and 1960s of our superheroes’ heydey; and others wanted to know where they could sign up to buy Wayne Manor for $ 444,000 Read more…

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