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STUDY: Your Facebook Page May Be Bipolar


Facebook page administrators, beware: There is a possibility that your pages are bipolar, according to a study of some 300,000 pages of small and midsized businesses by social media automated agency BuzzSpice.

BuzzSpice found that 72 percent of the pages it studied exhibited what it called “manic-depression behavior,” not posting content in a consistent manner, but adding posts in flurries, then going silent for more than two weeks, in some cases.

The most bipolar category was insurance, at 86 percent, perhaps due to the difficulties of creating compelling content that is also relevant to an otherwise unexciting topic.

Other categories that came in above 75 percent were: food/grocery (79 percent); professional services, and business services (77 percent apiece); and home improvement (76 percent).

BuzzSpice CEO Moti Radomski said:

Pages that do not stay in constant touch with their fans get decreasing score on the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm, lose visibility, and eventually disappear from their fans’ News Feeds.

Our experience shows that page bipolar disorder is usually caused by small business owners’ lack of resources, time, and know-how of properly managing the business’ online social activity.

Page administrators: Do your pages exhibit manic-depression behavior?

Bipolar disorder sign image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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