STUDY: Page Post Ads Are Facebook’s Super Bowl Champions


SocialCodeCPMsByAdTypeSuperBowlBrands looking to maximize their Facebook advertising efficiency during Super Bowl XLVIII would be wise to consider page post ads, according to a study by social marketing solutions provider SocialCode, which examined trends from Super Bowl XLVII.

SocialCode found that page post ads, which accounted for roughly 50 percent of the total media budget for several of its advertisers during last year’s big game, saw CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) remain flat, while effective CPMs — defined as the price per thousand impressions when accounting for the lift yielded through earned-from-paid organic and viral impressions — actually decreased leading up to kickoff.

According to SocialCode, page post ads generated engagement 200 percent to 400 percent higher on Super Bowl Sunday than on an average day, and those efficiencies helped keep effective CPMs down.

SocialCode’s three tips to advertisers leading up to Sunday’s big game:

  1. Deploy only highly engaging content to maximize page post bids: We recommend that social advertisers emphasize page post ads in their Super Bowl content strategy this year for engagement and direct-response goals. However, the ad format will likely require higher bids because of more allocation and competition in the News Feed. For example, page post ads accounted for 67 percent of our ad spend in January 2014 versus 50 percent during the period around last year’s Super Bowl. Further, 60 percent of our ad spend ran in the mobile News Feed in January 2014, versus 20 percent during last year’s Super Bowl. Advertisers should maximize page post ads with attractive video, photo, or link posts capable of generating residual earned impressions from paid spend to discount effective CPMs.
  2. Take advantage of lower CPMs before and after game day: Last year’s trajectory suggests that Facebook engagement begins increasing days before the game, presenting opportunities for advertisers to take advantage of lower effective CPMs by starting Super Bowl campaigns early. We recommend that Facebook advertisers increase ad budget around Super Bowl content upward of three days before this year’s game, and peak spend right before kickoff and in the first quarter. Advertisers then should consider decreasing spend in the latter part of the game and normalizing again three days later. We believe this strategy may enable Facebook advertisers to gain efficiency by capitalizing on increased user engagement while accounting for higher bid competition.
  3. Prioritize domain and page like ads for reach, not engagement or DR: Decreased emphasis on domain and page like ads will likely yield efficient reach and the lowest overall CPMs. However, this will come at the expense of forfeiting high-impact News Feed placements. We therefore recommend scaling back these ad formats for advertisers focused on engagement and DR.

Advertisers: Are you ready for Super Bowl XLVIII?