Storm’s Coming: The Storify week in review (June 1)


While the devastation in Tornado Alley continued, a protest in Turkey gathered worldwide attention.

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Sat, Jun 01 2013 23:35:43

Oklahoma Tornadoes

The Oklahoma City area continued to be ravaged by severe tornadoes this week. At least nine additional people have been killed, with many more injured. About 17 tornadoes have struck the Midwest in recent weeks.

The eyes and thoughts of the nation are with those affected as heartbreaking images and stories continue to roll in.

The @weatherchannel vehicle just got thrown by tornado. We stopped to help & they are OK. @jimcantore ·
Sean Schofer


For those who want 2 understand what is happening in Istanbul with #occupygezi ·
In world news, a peaceful demonstration in Turkey has developed into an all-out crackdown pitting protesters against police in Turkey. As of now, over 900 demonstrators have been detained.
As #OccupyGezi began to trend worldwide, sources like Al Jazeera provided info on the developments as they happened:
The situation is definitely developing further, so be sure to keep an eye on the Storify search for more perspective.

Flippant Switch

Have you heard of NPR’s Code Switch? It’s a specialized blog from NPR centered on how race and ethnicity issues are shifting today. Their Storify account scored one of this week’s most viral stories: “What’s the most ridiculous question you’ve been asked about your race?”
Thanks for sharing your stories this week!

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