Start The New Year With 46 Social Media Truths From 2013 (Infographic)


Start The New Year With 46 Social Media Truths From 2013 (Infographic) image 46 Social Media TruthsWith the last in-law and the last crumb of dessert both making their overdue departures, it’s safe to say the holidays are over. But before you jump into the new business year, take a moment to review these 46 social media facts from 2013. If you want to wrap your mind around what 2014 holds in store, you might benefit by having a better understanding of the past. This data-heavy infographic will help inform and shape your social media strategy for 2014…

Facebook Highlights

  • There are over 10 million Facebook apps.
  • 75% of possible engagement a post gets is in its first 5 hours.

What’s going to change: Marketers are getting a little nervous about investing on Facebook – and for good reason when you consider Facebook’s latest algorithm changes. Engagement rates are dropping across the board and big budget Facebook apps will likely be more scarce in 2014. Is Facebook a bad place to be in 2014? Definitely not. It’s still a mainstay. However, you might want to consider looking at other opportunities for investing the lion’s share of your budget.

Twitter Highlights

  • Twitter’s fastest growing age demographic is 55 to 64 year olds with active users of 79%.

What’s going to change: Expect Twitter’s ‘average user’ profile to continue to diversify. More and more users – especially those of an older demographic – are finding a home for their interests on Twitter.

Google+ Highlights

  • Over 343 million active users on Google+.
  • 80% users login at least once a week and 60% login everyday.

What’s going to change: I believe these numbers will increase throughout 2014. Google is securing its place at the top of the social food chain. The fact that life is made easier for marketers and other online authorities that elect to use Google+ will accelerate the platform’s growth.

LinkedIn Highlights

  • Total number of LinkedIn groups: 1.5 million.
  • 42% of users update their profile regularly.
  • 81% of users belong to at least one group.

What’s going to change: LinkedIn’s current growth figures are strong, but the platform is nearing a “saturation point among white-collar workers, particularly in the United States,” says The New York Times. As the site explores new revenue sources, it could turn-off current users who aren’t quite convinced of the site’s value.


  • Every second, 8,000 users ‘like’ a photo or video.
  • 1,000 comments are posted per second.

What’s going to change: Paid advertising on Instagram is slowly moving in. The fact that Instagram is being very slow and cautious with advertising could be a good sign. The platform is playing it safe, staying on the user’s good side; finding that balancing point will be key for all brands leveraging Instagram in 2014 – whether through paid advertising or content marketing.


  • More than 69% of users are female.

What’s going to change: I think we’ll see more men move over to Pinterest. The male/female, Google+/Pinterest divide won’t be quite so stark in 2014. If part of your social media strategy includes marketing to men on Pinterest, you should know the one big difference between the sexes: women use Pinterest as a wish list; men use Pinterest as a shopping cart.

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What social media facts surprise you? Which ones will affect your social media strategy in 2014?

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