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ZyngaZynga Gambles on Real-Money Gambling Games on Facebook In UK (AllFacebook)
Struggling game developer Zynga is gambling on gambling, launching real-money Facebook gambling games including ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino in the United Kingdom, where online gambling is legal. VentureBeat reported on Zynga’s announcement in Barcelona, Spain, where Facebook director of games partnerships Sean Ryan introduced the Facebook games, which Zynga did not specify a launch date for. VentureBeat The games are the first wave of Zynga’s strategic expansion into Facebook and mobile gambling games. Investors have been very interested in them because they represent a chance for Zynga to make more money. GigaOM There’s no word on when the apps are coming out, but both will launch in the United Kingdom in a partnership with established poker company Bwin. Facebook users can access the traditional “social” version of the games — which means playing with in-game currency but not cashing-in your earnings — or access a special portal hosted by Bwin that includes all the benefits of online gambling. Quartz The positive buzz is welcome after a rash of bad news that sent Zynga shares down this year. The company laid off more than 500 workers and closed offices in a major restructuring push. Zynga has also reported disappointing earnings amid increased competition and lackluster product development.

Instagram Allows Photos, Videos to Be Exported to Other Websites (SocialTimes)
Instagram, an early mobile-only social platform, furthered its Web presence Wednesday by making it possible for users to embed Instagram photos or videos on other websites. When users or visitors click on an image to display it, they will see a share icon. Mashable Users can find the embed button — available only on desktop — on the right side of public photos or videos. The button provides a code users can insert into blogs and articles. CNET Instagram Web embeds allow people, for the first time, to experience filtered moments, wholly in tact with attribution, outside of the service, which means members may benefit from a boost of additional exposure and Instagram could attract even more users to its service. This feature also means that Instagram images and footage could be used to supplement news coverage, making the service an even greater rival to Twitter in the real-time sourcing business.

YouTube Updates PlayStation 3 App with ‘Send to TV’ Video-Beaming Feature (The Next Web)
In its first update since 2012, the YouTube app for PlayStation 3 is getting its “send to TV” feature, which allows you to play videos from mobile devices on your TV. The app update will be rolling out over the next day or so as a part of YouTube’s overall channel initiative.

Report: Half of UK Population Will Be Active on Social Media This Year, Says Study (AllTwitter)
Slightly more than half of the population of the United Kingdom will be using social networks in 2013, with further growth, albeit at a slowing pace, expected over the next few years, reveals a new study from eMarketer. 50.2 percent of the UK’s population are expected to use a social network site at least once per month via any device this year, rising to 35 percent in 2015 and 36.7 percent in 2017.

Yes to Everything About This Korean Photoshop Prank Page (The Daily Dot)
There’s a new set of trolls online, and they’re on a mission to make photographs more interesting. “We Do Phoshop,” a Korean language Facebook page, will help out with people’s requests to make changes to their photographs by using Photoshop.

How ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Makes GIFs Part of the Production (LostRemote)
While almost every major network has a Tumblr presence online for GIFs, and often even professional GifMakers, not many live productions have incorporated GIFs into the linear broadcast in a GIF way. Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live (produced by Embassy Row) has changed that with their “Gif of the Night.”

Ad of the Day: Skype Crosses Continents in Evocative Family Spots (Adweek)
It’s interesting — advertisers tend to eschew the first-generation immigrant experience because it can be controversial both politically and among people who inevitably feel misrepresented. But Skype is wise enough to recognize and embrace its role as the lifeblood of intercontinental families (full disclosure: including mine), and so the immigrant experience becomes hugely important. Kudos to these guys for having the guts to go with that.

Pixie Scientific Developing Smart Diapers to Safely Monitor Your Baby’s Health (AppNewser)
Pixie Scientific is developing a smarter diaper with built-in urine tests that gives colorful results as scan-able QR codes. Unlike Huggie’s Tweetpee, the diapers are not continually transmitting any electronic signals to your phone. In order to monitor your pee results, you just scan the QR code.

Twitter Highlights Globe’s Boston Marathon 140-Character Coverage (
Twitter’s official blog highlighted The Boston Globe’s Marathon Bombing response in a recent case study that looked how the social network blends traditional journalistic techniques with on-the-ground reports. It also unveiled what the site said was the unlikely first reporter of the bombs.

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