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VineVine Unveils Biggest Update Yet: New Camera Tools, Revining, Protected Posts, More (AllTwitter)
Just in time for the long holiday weekend, Vine rolled out its most significant update yet. Read on for a look at all the new Vine features. Mashable In a redesigned camera experience, the new camera boasts a grid option that can be turned on to help perfectly frame your shot, as well as a new focus button for pinpointing an object in the frame. In addition, a new ghost feature in the camera is an amazing addition for those who use Vine to create stop-motion videos. With the ghost function activated, a small “ghost” appears in the last frame of your video and remains onscreen. This means you can perfectly line up your next shot based on where your old one left off, a feat that previously required the use of a tripod and great skill and patience. Wired UK The service also has 15 new channels to explore (including one for cats!). If you’re browsing the categories and you find something you’d like to share, a new feature called “Revining” shares video within your timeline, a la Tumblr and re-blogging. TechCrunch
In related video news, the Fourth of July was another record-shattering day for Instagram and Vine, as users shared millions of hours of video. As Americans fired up their barbeques and enjoyed the holiday, millions were faced with a decision not dissimilar to Patrick Henry’s choice between liberty and death: six seconds or fifteen seconds?

Reddit Punches Far Above its Weight as Only 6 Percent of Online Adults Use it (but 11 Percent of Hispanics) (VentureBeat)
Reddit, the self-styled “front page of the Internet” that has can send floods of traffic to unsuspecting sites and has luminaries like President Obama visiting to answer questions directly from the great unwashed, is only visited by 6 percent of online American adults, according to the Pew Research Center. Pew’s newest Internet & American Life Project also says that, unsurprisingly, a larger percent of young males frequent the site — 15 percent — while only 5 percent of women age 18-29 visit Reddit.

Facebook Heats Up with Summer Movie Fever [Infographic] (SocialTimes)
We’ll leave the question of which summer movies are best to others, but Expion‘s deep dive into which summer movie Facebook posts performed best caught our attention. Which celebs’ faces got the most likes? Do Star Trek fans speak Klingon? Dive in and see for yourself.

Post-YouTube, MTV Revives the Video Star — Briefly (CNET)
MTV, the channel founded on the concept of music videos aired 24/7, and fellow Viacom cable networks VH1 and CMT were showing videos, performances, music moments from history and artist interviews from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET/PT Thursday, in an event they’ve branded Music Independence Day. What killed music on MTV? YouTube?

Report: Facebook Drives Doubling of Average Weekly Wage in San Mateo County (AllFacebook)
Steaks on grills and cabernet in wine glasses may be a little tastier in California’s San Mateo County this Fourth of July, as its average weekly wage in the fourth quarter of 2012 more than doubled compared with the previous-year period, according to a report on The Wall Street Journal’s Corporate Intelligence blog. Why? All signs point to Facebook.

The Top 6 Founding Fathers on Twitter (The Daily Dot)
The Founding Fathers earned eternal reverence — in history books and, now, on Twitter, where their tiny heads will spout wisdom in character as long as there’s a bored nerd in AP Government with a smartphone and a dream. As an aside, if the Founding Fathers had decided to tweet the entire Declaration of Independence, its 8,969 characters would have required 65 tweets.

Research Shows Twitter Could Be a Tool for Aid Workers During Events Like the Boston Bombings (GigaOM)
Twitter came under fire for its lack of credibility as a real-time news source during the bombings in Boston earlier this year, thanks to a variety of hoaxes and erroneous reports that were spread about those who were allegedly responsible for the attacks. But despite these obvious flaws, researchers with the Harvard Medical School who looked at information flow on Twitter during the bombings argue that the network could be a valuable tool for emergency workers and others during such disasters.

Inside YouTube’s Massive LA Studio Where it Hopes to Foster Content That Will Rival Television and Cable (The Next Web)
YouTube has been one of the preeminent services to help people express themselves. But did you know that the video social network has physical locations where artists can go to get help with creating their videos? There are three such locations, with one being in Los Angeles.

France Intelligence Agency Spies on Phone Calls, Emails, Social Media Activity: Report (The Huffington Post/Reuters)
France’s external intelligence agency spies on the French public’s phone calls, emails and social media activity in France and abroad, the daily Le Monde said on Thursday. It said the DGSE intercepted signals from computers and telephones in France, and between France and other countries, although not the content of phone calls, to create a map of “who is talking to whom.” It said the activity was illegal.

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