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Pope FrancisHow You Can Save Your Soul: In 140 Characters or Less (USA Today)
Following Pope Francis’s Twitter feed may be good for your soul — both in this life and the next. The spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church plans to grant plenary indulgences by Twitter during the World Youth Day 2013 event, which will be held July 23-28 in Brazil. Forbes Some conditions, however, will apply: To obtain indulgences over the Internet or otherwise, believers must first confess their sins, offer prayers and attend Mass. “You can’t obtain indulgences like getting a coffee from a vending machine,” Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, head of the Pontifical Council for Social Communication, told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. The Huffington Post
“There’s a false impression that indulgences are about doling out ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ cards,” the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Monsignor Rick Hilgartner told The Huffington Post on the phone Wednesday afternoon. “The gift of the indulgence is in some ways an invitation to the devotion.” The Guardian Indulgences these days are granted to those who carry out certain tasks – such as climbing the Sacred Steps, in Rome (reportedly brought from Pontius Pilate’s house after Jesus scaled them before his crucifixion), a feat that earns believers seven years off purgatory. But attendance at events such as the Catholic World Youth Day, in Rio de Janeiro, can also win an indulgence.

Facebook Extends Photo Comments to Pages (AllFacebook)
Almost exactly one month ago, Facebook introduced the ability for users to add photos to comments. Thursday, the social network announced that it was extending that feature to all pages globally. Mashable For now, photo comments can only be uploaded using a desktop or mobile Web browser. Although mobile app users can see photo comments, they can’t yet leave them, although we imagine that capability will be included in a future update. Inside Facebook In related news, Gigya found that 52 percent of social logins happen through Facebook, with Google taking 24 percent (and that figure is rising) and Yahoo at 17 percent. Facebook is far and away the most popular social login mode for e-commerce sites and apps, taking 79 percent of the pie.

Meet Wall Street Journal’s Tweeting Chandelier [Video] (SocialTimes)
In the latest episode of “Cubes,” WSJ editor and “Lunch Break” host Wendy Bounds gave MediabistroTV a VIP tour of the Dow Jones office, starting with the sparkling chandelier in the reception area. But this is no ordinary light fixture. “Every newsroom needs a chandelier, and we have one!” she said. ”The reason I love this chandelier … is because it tweets, as do many inanimate objects in the building.”

Amazon Scores Victory Against Pinterest Over Control of .pin (CNET), which earlier this week lost its bid to control the domain extension .amazon, has been handed a victory over another top-level domain: .pin. The loser in this battle: social networking site Pinterest, which, not surprisingly, didn’t want Amazon controlling .pin.

Twouija Can Predict the Popularity Of Your Tweets (AllTwitter)
MIT Sloan School of Management assistant professor Tauhid Zaman, Emily Fox at the University of Washington and Eric Bradlow at Wharton have combined Twitter and the future-predicting game Ouija to create “Twouija,” a model that they suggest can predict how popular a tweet will be. The Twouija model lets you select a Twitter user from a list of 50+ popular accounts – Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian, Fox News, CNET – and interact with a graph that plots the number of retweets of one of that user’s tweets over time.

Yahoo Acquires Beijing-Based Startup Ztelic (VentureBeat)
Yahoo Thursday acquired its 19th startup since Marissa Mayer assumed the top job. The company acquired Beijing-based Ztelic, which analyzes data from social websites.

How Univision is Making Social TV an Even Bigger Part of This Year’s ‘Premios Juventud’ (LostRemote)
A year ago, Univision helped define social TV for big tent pole events with their content and activations around Premios Juventud. With new platforms, more content and a social web that’s matured and grown since last year the network isn’t just launching a campaign, they’re changing how social affects the entire production.

Twilio Challenger Nexmo is Handling 250 Million Text Messages a Month (GigaOM)
Nexmo may not have quite the reputation as its larger and older rival Twilio, but the company has been quietly building a name for itself among a key group of developers, messaging apps and e-commerce businesses. Like Twilio, Nexmo bridges the new world of IP communications with the old world of telecom carriers.

With Gay Marriage in Britain, Rainbows Multiply on Social Media (Los Angeles Times)
Social media became a more colorful place in Britain as Queen Elizabeth II gave gay marriage the official OK. The rainbow emblem of the gay movement is seen in images including the queen in seven striking suits as supporters celebrated their controversial win.

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