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Google Glass Twitter appGoogle Glass Gets Social With Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Other Apps (SocialTimes)
Soon you’ll be able to look your friends in the eye (sort of) when you log into your favorite social network with Google Glass. Google announced at the I/O conference in San Francisco that the futuristic eyewear, dubbed Glassware, will come with applications for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Evernote, as well as publications like CNN and Elle. The New York Times/Bits Blog They join Path and The New York Times as the only apps so far available on Glass. The glasses also offer Google services like search and maps, connect to users’ cellphones for text messaging, take photos and record video. AllFacebook The Facebook app will allow Google Glass owners to instantly share photos to their Facebook accounts. Currently, there are two unofficial Facebook apps for Google Glass, which is only available for a handful of people (as well as Google employees): Glass to Facebook and ThroughGlass. GigaOM In a blog post, Twitter said you can now tweet photos from Glass to your feed — the update will include the hashtag “#throughglass” — and see your other tweets by turning on in-Glass notifications. The service is now available, and users can activate the Twitter app on Google’s MyGlass portal. The Verge CNN’s app will give The New York Times some competition in the news arena with video clips and the latest headlines. Elle is the first magazine trying to bring its content to Glass with an app that can read stories aloud, and you can view photos that accompany each piece. When it comes to Evernote, you’ll be able to send text-based notes from the company’s web client to Glass for reference later on. The Huffington Post The futuristic-looking devices have been a common sight at the Google conference this week, with many of the attendees and staffers wearing Glass. But Google executives gave Glass short shrift during the more than three-hour keynote talks on Wednesday, barely mentioning Glass among the litany of new products and services discussed on stage.

ATD: Yahoo Has Had ‘Serious’ Talks with Tumblr Concerning Potential Acquisition or Investment (The Next Web)
According to Kara Swisher and Peter Kafka of AllThingsD, Yahoo has had discussions with Tumblr concerning a potential investment or acquisition. Yahoo has been on a buying spree lately, but hasn’t made a purchase on the scale of Tumblr; instead, it has purchased small companies with teams rich with talent. AllThingsD It’s not the first time Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has been interested in the New York-based hipster blogging service. As an executive at Google, she had closely watched in its fast growth, along with that of Foursquare. Adweek The deal is not done, but could reach as high as $ 1 billion, Adweek has learned. While its revenue is modest, Tumblr has positioned itself as one of the few players in the digital ad world that is well suited for brand advertising.

A New Front in the War on Obamacare: Twitter (NPR)
On the same day House Republicans scheduled their latest symbolic vote to repeal Obamacare, as part of their full-court press against the law they also took to Twitter to say, in three words, why they oppose the legislation. Speaker John Boehner led the GOP tweet slaps that used the trending hashtag #ObamaCareInThreeWords: “Repeal for jobs” and “Scares small businesses” showed up on his timeline.

Digitally Engaged Moms Can Be Your Best Customers, if You’re Smart About it [Infographic] (AllTwitter)
Take it from me, digitally engaged moms are the best untapped resource around. If you’re an everyday product/service – you know, like food or underwear (neither of which I think millennials use) – showing a little attention to your digitally engaged moms can be your social sharing golden ticket.

Twitter Cofounder Raises Money from Jack Dorsey, Bono, Al Gore for Mysterious Startup Jelly (VentureBeat)
In a blog post Thursday, Twitter founder Biz Stone announced closing a funding round led by Spark Capital with participation from SV Angel. An elite group of individual investors also contributed, including Jack Dorsey, Bono, Reid Hoffman, Steven Johnson, Evan Williams, Al Gore, Greg Yaitanes and Roya Mahboob.

The CW Introducing ‘CW Seed’ Digital and Social Hub (LostRemote)
The CW is planning to rebrand its digital studio CWD as “CW Seed,” evolving it into a digital destination for loyal CW fans. CW Seed will exist as a sub-site on and will still produce original programming, but the channel is adding more interactivity to the service, opening up for feedback from viewers and adding more social engagement.

Instagram Photos You’re Tagged in Go Public (Mashable)
Two weeks ago, Instagram announced users could begin tagging themselves and others in photos through Instagram’s iOS and Android apps. Those photos have been quietly filling up a hidden profile section called “Photos of You,” which went public for the first time Thursday.

‘The New Yorker’ Introduces Anonymous Document Sharing (AppNewser)
The New Yorker has introduced a new online receptacle where sources can share documents and messages with the magazine anonymously. The tool is called Strongbox, and it is accessible using the Tor network, a private and secure online network.

Former Groupon CEO Shares ‘Business Wisdom’ Through Song (CNET)
Ousted Groupon CEO Andrew Mason wants to drop some knowledge on the younger generation, so he recorded an entire album of songs about “business wisdom.” Mason is known for having a sense of humor so he’s probably joking (let’s hope he’s joking).

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