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NewFacebookLogoFacebook Looks to Help Advertisers Sharpen Their Aim with Launch of Core Audiences (AllFacebook)
Location, demographic, interests, and behaviors — these four criteria represent the foundation of Facebook’s new core audiences ad-targeting options, which it will begin rolling out in the coming weeks. The social network also announced in a post on the Facebook for Business page that its partner categories targeting options will be added to its ads create tool. Partner categories had previously been available only via Power Editor, and Facebook said its addition to the ads create tool will give more marketers the opportunity to build audiences around offline actions. Inside Facebook Through deeper location targeting, retailers can target people who live near chain stores or multiple locations. They can also exclude certain areas, such as certain zip codes within a state or city. With the Core Audiences demographic capabilities, marketers can aim Facebook ads at those who have recently changed their relationship status or other key markers, such as workplace and job title. AdAge The company has previously allowed advertisers to target based on workplace and email addresses, but the new functionality will allow b-to-b marketers to go even further, narrowing campaigns to the specific titles they believe can influence the buying decision. “This is a shot across LinkedIn’s bow,” said Russell Glass, CEO of Bizo, the only b-to-b focused partner in Facebook’s FBX ad exchange. MediaPost Hussein Fazal, CEO of Facebook ad partner AdParlor, said many of the targeting capabilities announced Thursday have already been available through tools like the Power Editor and Facebook’s Ads API. “But rolling them out to the self-serve tool and globally should help the large SMB advertiser base,” he said. WebProNews “We know that people have a ton of interests, and that marketers want to reach people specifically based on them,” Facebook says. “So we simplified how you can do this on Facebook by redefining our interest-based targeting segments so each has one simple meaning. Rather than having multiple targeting options like broad categories and keywords, we developed a new methodology that increases the precision of interest-based targeting by allowing advertisers to simply choose one segment. Now, if you want to reach baseball fans, just choose “baseball” as your targeting segment — it’ll pull in all the people that have liked or expressed interest in baseball-related topics on Facebook.”

YouTube Begins Rolling Out a New, Cleaner User Interface as it Makes Finding Playlists Easier (The Next Web)
YouTube is rolling out a set of changes to the video social network that helps you better discover playlists and makes the service more accessible. With playlists, YouTube has streamlined the process, eliminating a step required to view videos in a particular playlist once it’s been liked.

New App Enables Reactive Video Messaging (SocialTimes)
Messaging apps are on the rise and video is the next big thing. A new app called Samba combines the two with a video messaging platform that also records the reactions of people watching the videos.

Turns Out Twitter is Even More Politically Polarized Than You Thought (QUARTZ)
As part of a new study on Twitter’s network structures, the Pew Research Center and the Social Media Research Foundation tracked a single hashtag related to America’s budget conflict over two days. What the researchers found are “large dense groups that have little inter-connection or bridge between them.”

Social Buzz for Jimmy Fallon Debut vs. Jay Leno Finale (LostRemote)
Jay Leno‘s farewell “Tonight Show” episode might have beat out Jimmy Fallon‘s debut in the ratings by over 3 million viewers, but Fallon topped Leno on the social ratings. As we’ve reported, the new “Tonight Show” with Fallon is making a big social push, designing a new website and app that puts a maximum on social engagement.

Mastermind Behind BuzzFeed’s Quizzes Explains How They Work, and Why They’re So Crazy Viral (The Huffington Post)
The editorial effort behind the quizzes has been spearheaded by Summer Anne Burton. She was originally hired to work at BuzzFeed two years ago while freelancing and waitressing in Austin, Texas.

WhatsApp Founder Was Rejected By Both Twitter and Facebook Before $ 19 Billion Buyout (AllTwitter)
Facebook has acquired super-popular social messaging app WhatsApp for a heady $ 16 billion in cash and stock, plus another $ 3 billion in restricted stock over the next four years. It’s a huge win for founder Brian Acton, who was turned down for positions by both Twitter and Facebook before launching WhatsApp.

Now That GigaOM is All Grown Up, it’s Time for the Next Chapter (GigaOM)
I couldn’t be more proud of the strong company that we have built over the last seven years. It’s now time for GigaOM, and for me personally, to break new ground.

EU Funding Research to Create Lie Detector for Twitter (AppNewser)
The latest research project from the University of Sheffield, Warwick, King’s College London, Saarland in Germany and MODUL University Vienna in Austria is being funded by the European Union. The goal: to root out social media lies from truths.

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