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Bing Facebook integrationNow It’s Possible to Comment on, Like Facebook Posts Directly from Bing’s Social Sidebar (AllFacebook)
Facebook and Bing are continually growing closer together, especially through the search engine’s Social Sidebar. Starting last Friday, Bing users with the Social Sidebar could like and comment on Facebook posts directly on the site. SocialTimes For instance, if a user searches for Beyoncé, he might see a post in the social sidebar from a Facebook friend who says she has an extra ticket to an upcoming concert. He can now also comment on the post from the search results page saying he wants the ticket. The Next Web Bing has included likes, photos and profile information from Facebook for a while in its social sidebar. At the start of the year, Microsoft added status updates, shared links and comments for more context. PC Magazine “If you’re like us, it’s hard to keep up with what friends are posting on an ongoing basis, and harder still to search and find specific topics that your friends may have posted about,” Bing program manager Nektarios Ioannides wrote in a blog post Friday. “By bringing together Bing and Facebook, you have an easy way to complement your search with helpful, interesting or insightful content your friends have shared.” CNET Bing has been continually updating the bar with subtle enhancements ever since its release to better blend social data with search results, and to assist searchers in finding friends or experts who may be able to shed more light on their queries.

Live Map of Recent Changes to Wikipedia Articles is Mesmerizing (ars technica)
A website built by two programmers, Stephen LaPorte and Mahmoud Hashemi, displays recent changes to Wikipedia in real-time on a map of the world. When a new change is saved to the crowd-sourced encyclopedia, the title of the edited article shows up on the map with the editor’s location according to his or her IP address.

More U.S. Teens Killed Texting While Driving Than Drinking (Mashable)
Texting while driving has now replaced drunken driving as the No. 1 cause of teenage deaths on the road in the United States, new research has found. The study, performed by the Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York, found that more than 300,000 teens are injured and more than 3,000 die each year as a result of sending SMS messages while behind the wheel.

Facebook’s General Counsel Ullyot to Depart the Company (AllThingsD)
Facebook’s top lawyer Ted Ullyot is leaving the social networking giant, apparently to take some time off. Ullyot, 45, will be officially gone in July; the search for his replacement will include internal and external candidates.

Twitter Competitor ADN Now Allowing Anyone to Join for Free (AllTwitter)
Twitter competitor (ADN) has progressed from a paid members-only platform to a freemium model (a few months ago), with free accounts available only to those invited by paying members. And now it announced it is allowing anyone to join with an Passport account.

You Need to See This Incredible Music Video from the International Space Station (VentureBeat)
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has charmed us from the International Space Station with music before. But his latest (and last) song from the ISS is a rousing cover of David Bowie’s classic “Space Oddity,” and the visuals alongside it match the tune perfectly.

Google’s SMS Search is the Latest Legacy Service to Get the Axe (The Verge)
If you’ve never owned a cellphone without a data plan, chances are good that you’ve never heard of Google’s SMS Search — a way to query the search engine by sending a text message, getting results back in the form of text rather than a list of Web links. It’s probably just as well, since the company recently decided to close the service, reports TechCrunch.

LinkedIn Will Unroll New Privacy Policy to Accommodate Sponsored Content (SocialTimes)
LinkedIn said that it would be introducing a new privacy policy, which appears to be designed to accommodate the sponsored posts that LinkedIn is introducing into members’ content streams. Among “key updates” the company said it would introduce, it flagged “sponsored content in the LinkedIn feed.”

Social Media in China Fuel Citizen Response to Quake (The New York Times)
Wang Xiaochang sprang into action minutes after a deadly earthquake jolted this lush region of Sichuan Province last month. Logging on to China’s most popular social media sites, he posted requests for people to join him in aiding the survivors. By that evening, he had fielded 480 calls.

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