Social Media News: Alec Baldwin Takes A Twitter Break


Twitter claims another casualty as Alec Baldwin takes a Twitter break. But social media is not all bad; Mexicans are using it in their daily life to warn others of violence on the street and stay safe.

Citizen Journalism with Social Media

They go where traditional media is too afraid to go. Mexicans fraught with gang violence have taken upon themselves to keep citizens appraised of violence in their communities with the aid of social media. And this is not for fun, it’s really serious when you put your life on the line and risk being targeted by the gang members for reporting their activities.

With police departments across the world floating their own social media account, reporting crime will perhaps move from a phone call to a tweet soon.

Narendra Modi wants more Social Media Followers

In the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections in India, the potential Prime Ministerial candidate from the BJP and the designated campaign manager, Narendra Modi, has asked the Maharashtra state party units to get him 100,000 followers from each of the 48 Lok Sabha seats for the 2014 election.

Alec Baldwin’s out with a Bang!

This week, Alec Baldwin joined the ranks of illustrious celebrities who quit Twitter. But not meekly. Not shy of words, Alec Baldwin unleashed a barrage of caustic tweets for the British journalist who had earlier criticized his wife for improper funeral etiquette.

Now these ill-timed tweets could be because of the original time stamp, as Hilaria says, or it could be one more example of drawbacks of scheduling tweets in Twitter through different software. The publicist, of course, lost his job – another reason to have a social media editor onboard.

Facebook to Blacklist offensive Pages and Groups for Ads

Starting July 1 2013, Facebook will begin to manually review pages and groups and blacklist any that are found to show offensive content and do not agree with the Facebook content policy. These pages will not show any advertisements on the right-hand column on the page.

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