Social Media Jobs are Being Replaced by Social Media Tools


ImageEverywhere you turn, social media is the hot topic of discussion.  Companies are investing in social media and people with the skills to harness these new platforms are in high demand.  Initially, companies handed their social media accounts over to interns or went out and found millennials to run this piece of the marketing strategy.  But now that has changed.

As the importance of social media has grown through the years, we’ve seen departments grow and the trend of hiring Gen Xers with more marketing experience to manage millennials with increasingly specific and specialized positions like social media coordinator, social media planner, content specialist, SEO specialist, etc. 

The demand for content isn’t going anywhere so the need for bloggers or social media copywriters will continue.  However, as the marketplace for social media tools has matured and the functionality of those tools has increased dramatically, the need for some positions such as social media coordinator is accordingly diminished.

The tools on the rise that reduce the need for some social media positions fall into a few categories. There are some suites that span multiple categories within one solution as well.

Social Media Monitoring Software

These are tools that help let you know what is being said about you and about your competitors in the social media universe.  Solutions like Lithium, Meltwater Buzz, or Social Mention all help to cull the massive quantities of data that exist and extract and filter information relevant to your brand or your competitors.  Find out what words are being associated with your brand. These software tools allow you to listen to the discourse and get a birds-eye view of what’s going on. 

Social Media Engagement Software

These tools help you manage the conversation surrounding your brand by enabling you to respond to questions posted to your company in a timely manner.  You can even assign posts that need responses to different people within your company.  Tools like Argyle Social or Spredfast remove the need for an employee to scour all posts and filter out questions. 

Social Marketing Software

There are now a number of great options in the marketplace for tools that help launch and administer promotions, create custom Facebook apps and manage the creative content you’ve produced across platforms.  Tools like Involver, Wildfire or Agorapulse and many others will help with this and many of them include workflow management so that multiple team members can collaborate or assign and approve tasks.

Social Analytics Software

These tools are all about figuring out how effective your efforts are.  Tracking who is participating in the conversation around your brand and what they are disproportionately interested in is a huge help, and there are tools that will help you identify top influencers and topics generating a lot of buzz within your industry or geographic space.   Klout, Google Analytics and Simply Measured are all good examples of the options that exist in the marketplace.

In 2014, with tools to track and analyze conversations, as well as plan and manage workflow, it is possible to tackle social media in a much more efficient manner and while people will always be needed to create content, jobs that are focused on tracking, planning and managing social media accounts are going to disappear.

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